What is GDPR and how to prepare your Wix site?


If you have a website on Wix and you are in Europe or your website is getting traffic from the European countries then you need to know about GDPR and how to prepare your Wix site for GDPR.

In this article I will explain what is GDPR, what should you do to prepare for GDPR if you have a Wix website, and I will also speak a bit in general about new products by Wix.

Wix is considered as a hundred percent satisfactory in providing data protection for the sites built with this website builder. And also Wix is one of the most famous platforms where people can start their own website for free or pay a little, thus making it a more loveable and most used platform. This is one of the biggest reasons for most of the people to be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation that has also been accepted by the European Union.

What is GDPR?

You may or may not have read a lot of articles about the GDPR. But let’s start from the initial stage. The main intention and regulation of the GDPR are to provide complete strength and unified data protection for each and every individual living in the European Union. Moreover, it also supports Fundamental Rights in order to provide privacy and protection regarding personal information.

Wix and the GDPR

The one and only priority is to concentrate on customer trust, thereby giving them what they want and consider them to be a top priority. Of course, there are many people who are deeply concentrated to enjoy privacy thereby keeping their data safe and secure. However, they work together and thereby implement the required adjustments to the products and services they provide. This is in order to ensure that everything is perfect, monitoring is used, and to have more control over the data. There are various tools and services that can help you achieve that. However, this will help in empowering the Wix customers to get access and control to all their information and to rest assured that their information is always in safe hands.

How to help the Wix site meet GDPR requirements:

Well, you are now going to understand how the Wix site meets GDPR requirements and how to fulfill them.

  • Create privacy policy:

First of all, it is essential for you to create a privacy policy as this will help you to enable and understand the way to meet the requirements. However, you have to inform your visitors regarding the way in which the Wix site processes their data. Not only websites updated their privacy policy but each and every website is affected and even I updated my Privacy Policy Page.

  • Establish legal basics for protecting your information:

It is essential to make sure that your data is safe only by making use of the legal execution. Perhaps this requires proper care and attention upon which you can truly ensure that your sensitive data is always protected.

  • Make use of market campaigns:

However, it is essential to make use of maximum market campaigns as they will help you to find a better way. This can be implemented and applied to different views on your website. Sending emails too or related things would get you in trouble if the receiver of the email or content has not subscribed to your website.

  • Make use of Wix tools:

Alternatively, you can also use some extraordinary and innovative Wix tools which will help in assisting you in becoming GDPR compliant:

  • Right to access
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Make use of third-party applications:

Impact making use of third-party applications is also benefited as this will help you to understand and know about different Data Analytics tools. Wix gives you the option to access your data easily, and even delete it interlay from their database in one click if you wish.

Wix SEO Wiz

The Wix SEO WIZ is basically, a plan has that has been divided into three different steps where each of the steps will help you to get connected to Google. Moreover, you can also make use of the personalized plan that will easily help you to get connected with the plan designed by your site’s SEO. You can very easily get access to your site’s appearance in terms of search results.

SEO Guide

Well here are some SEO guidelines that will help you to understand how you can be successful.

  • The first and the foremost thing is that you should know about the SEO basics as this will help you to understand the overall concept of it.
  • Also, concentrate on keyword research thereby analyzing and competing with different research patterns.
  • Make sure to plan your site’s SEO as this will help you to determine on page SEO analysis along with the facility to plan your website.
  • Concentrate on SEO for small business and also find beginner tips as they will help you to be more prominent and understand everything.
  • Do research on advanced SEO learn about different blogging and backlinks and the way to create content.

Logo Maker

If you are interested in personalizing your brand then you have to definitely make use of the online logo maker. This will truly help you to find the best way where you can very easily get connected with audience targeting and creating customized logos. Be more creative and personalize your logo as per your need and requirements. This logo maker can help add life to your business and connect better with your audience.

Wix ADIGDPR and how to prepare your Wix site

    • It’s very easy for you to create a website with Wix ADI that will also give you a better experience and you can also make use of customized themes and designs.
    • Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to automatically create a unique website just for you.
    • The new media panel will help you to add look to your website.
    • The full-width header will help you to expand your design so that you can utilize the entire width of your website.
    • Edit the mobile layout easily with a dedicated mobile view editor
    • The site color can also be customized which will give you more palettes to create your own customized background.


    I hope that my Post will help you with GDPR and how to prepare your Wix site and that it also helped you to learn more about new products coming from Wix that can help you grow your business easily. If your website is in on Wix and you have any issue with GDPR compliance (or other), please feel free to leave a comment and We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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    I heard a lot about GDPR but didn’t know much about it. Today, I am searching about GDPR and got your article. You clearly describe each and every point related to GDPR and also tell us how to prepare your Wix site as well. Thank you so much.

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    Hi Robin,
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    Helpful breakdown here Robin. Especially since I saw so few folks covering GDPR from a Wix perspective. Many WordPress plugins handle disclosure for the self-hosted WP dot org crowd. Other platforms need a smart workaround. Well done bro 🙂

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    Hi Robin,
    Great information.
    But I think GDPR is applicable to the European Union, and will this effect to the other countries too?
    Keep sharing.
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    · June 12, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Hello Robin,
    GDPR is quite trending topic over the internet. It is now mandatory to show the cookie consent message to your visitors especially if you have good traffic from EU countries. Wix is one of the best and popular website building tool. There are many users who are using. This article will definitely help them a lot.

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