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How to block a GPS Signal?

If you are in the field of security, this question always comes that How to block GPS Signal. The use of GPS...

how to block gps tracking signal

If you are in the field of security, this question always comes that How to block GPS Signal. The use of GPS jamming devices is very much used these days. There are almost 50 to 400 instances of GPS jamming in the UK every day. Truck Drivers are responsible for 90% of instances. After a survey, it is shown that in 2014 every 3rd truck on the highway in the US was using the same frequency on GPS as they implied that these trucks were using GPS signal jammers.

For business opportunities and personal use. GPS is a handy tool, and many people share their location, but other people are trying to get to any one location. GPS jammers are illegal to use, but nobody stops people from using this kind of GPS jammers. These jammers are also responsible for disrupting airplane navigation.

How to block GPS Signal?

How to Block GPS Signals? What are GPS Jammers?

GPS Jammers are of small size and very easy to install. GPS Jammers take a minute to install and are very easily removed. These jammers are illegal and can cause fines or imprisonment, but GPS jammers are readily available and very cheap.

These jammers cancel services of GPS systems like tracking and navigation.

A GPS works by connecting to the GNSS network.GPS jammer Centre radio signal to the same frequency as the GPS device is connected when the GPS tracking device cannot show its location because the GPS jammer is interfering in the signals.

Various illegal GPS jammers are available for online purchase, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, spy camera jammers, remote jammers, Drone jammers, or physical shield jammers.

Working of GPS jammer

The user plugs the GPS grammar into the automotive charging power outlet. If you want to use the GPS jammers you have to install them close to the GPS tracker device. When the GPS jammer is active, it generates a signal over a 5 to the 8-meter radius to cancel all the signals coming from the GPS satellite.

GPS tracker gets signals from the satellite which is revolving in orbit around the earth. When the GPS tracker receives signals from three or more satellites, it shows its position using time Calculation and trilateration relying on these locations coming from the satellite to see where it is in the world. The GPS tracker then shows Its position and velocity to a marked location; usually, it is sent through the cellular network.

How to Block GPS Signals. What are GPS Jammers?

In other cases, solar flares can also cancel the coming of GPS signals. A GPS jammer is a very different type of thing because it sends radio signals, radio to the same frequency as the GPS device is connected. When this happens, the GPS device cannot calculate the position because the satellite signal is covered by the interference of any object.

Types of GPS jammers.

How to block GPS signal this question always comes when you talk about GPS jammers. The best way to stop a GPS tracker device is to destroy it fully and after destroying it does not function properly. There are more affordable and simple ways.

  1. Metal Box – If you want to stop your GPS device from working you can put the GPS device in the metal box. It is a very inexpensive and simple method to use. Any electrical conductive thing will reflect and absorb all the incoming and outgoing signals interfering in its operations. You can also wrap your GPS device in Aluminium foil because Copper and silver also absorb all the signals. At the time of GPS jamming it became a very affordable and simple method to use. But the GPS jammer must have physical access to your GPS device.
  1. GPS Gadgets – GPS gadgets are also known as GPS scrambling gadgets that Are available online. The device is installed and easily removable. They produce a frequency that blocks all incoming and outgoing signals. Jam, the GPS devices and the GPS device are not working correctly.
  1. Mobile Jammers – Some people don’t know that mobile phones also use GPS signals. Mobile jammers exchange real-time information to their most essential monitoring drivers. Jammers are also available online, but this is much more expensive than the other GPS jammers.
  1. GPS Spoofing Devices – GPS spoofing devices are used to send fake GPS signals to the GPS devices. GPS spoofing is like someone spoofing your radio station by using the same frequency but at a higher power making your GPS device fool and believe that it is getting the right station.

Users of GPS jammers 

GPS jammers are personally created and used by the government. These GPS jammers are personally designed for the military to use the GPS jamming devices for their mission. Canceling vehicle location is very crucial to the completion of a mission. The GPS jammer devices act as a clock to military privacy; it increases safety and give an advantage in high-risk situations.

GPS devices are used by civilians for overspeeding and to prevent detection by police and avoid fines. Thieves and criminals also use GPS devices for vehicle theft or to avoid toll or mileage charges. A vehicle driver also uses GPS jamming devices to prevent the employer from using the Company vehicle for personal use.

Users of GPS jammers 

How to Block GPS a Signal? What are GPS Jammers? GPS Jammers and their impact?

GPS tracking is called fleet tracking or telematics. It is a very critical fount of business data to many companies. Fleets are used by telematics to track fuel use, driving behavior, engine health, and others.

GPS is not only illegal but using them can be very dangerous. A truck driver in New Jersey was fined $32000 because he used a GPS Jamming device to interrupt air traffic information at New York international airports. The truck driver uses the GPS device in his vehicle to hide his location from the manager. An investigator located the jammer using the radio monitoring and showed that it was the cause of interference.

Tips to battle the GPS jammers

Authorized Privacy Mode

Many drivers are authorized to use their Company vehicle for their personal use. Situations, for example, some drivers take their Company vehicle to their home with them every night. In other situations, drivers take an hour off for their lunch and eat their lunch while using a Company vehicle. In both situations, the company vehicle was used for personal use, and they do not want to be tracked. Many drivers use GPS jammers because they don’t want to be tracked during their time. Many GPS tracking devices in a vehicle offer a privacy setting; this feature allows the driver to hide their driving activity for some time. When this feature is enabled, vehicle position speed and engine data will not be available.

In some other cases, such as accidents, GPS can manually give the data to investigate. Privacy mode available in their GPS tracking device increases the risk that drivers are using GPS jamming devices to hide their data from their employees.


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Enable GPS jamming Detection

GPS tracking devices can also detect GPS jamming products and signal jamming detection. The use of GPS and GSM jammers is also detected by this feature. This feature also helps in preventing vehicle theft and also can be used to retrieve stolen fleet vehicles.

Find Employees using GPS jammers

You can also find your employees by using GPS blockers without GPS jamming detection. Drivers think that the use of GPS scramblers makes them invisible or hides them. This work done by the drivers pops out more attention to their behavior when an employee uses a GPS blocker. It is shown on the live tracking map or a trip map as a missing trip. If the employee activates their GPS jamming device on their trip, a line comes from where the GPS scrambler started their journey to where it goes. You can also create a rule that sees out GPS signal errors and sends email alerts when it happens.

GPS jammers or GPS jamming is illegal in many countries like Canada, the UK, and the US. The act of 1934 cancels the marketing or use of GPS jammers. The Canada communication act also declines the import manufacturing, distribution, selling, and use of GPS devices.

If you are caught and found using a GPS jamming device, you can be fined up to $100000 or more, or you can also go to imprisonment and lose your equipment or vehicle. 


How to block GPS signals. GPS blockers are very dangerous, cheap, and easy to use. There are many more ways to battle with the GPS blockers. You can also enable the privacy mode on your GPS tracker, And you are safe by the GPS jamming device. Allowing privacy mode on your GPS device Disheartened the employee from using GPS jamming devices to hide their actions while not working but using the Company vehicle for personal use.

High tech and costlier GPS devices hold signal jamming detection. This is a tool to use in opposition to GPS signal jammers. You can also detect your employees using the GPS tracker jammer by viewing driver trip history and map tracking.

Using innovative Technology And intelligent GPS tracking devices enables the company manager to watch their employees. At any time, this advanced feature will easily track your employees And save your companies money each year.


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