How to Create Eye-Catching Product Images for Your E-Commerce Store?

Are you selling on Depop and looking for ways to create eye-catching product images? If yes, you have come to the right spot. 

The quality of images on your e-commerce platform is an important factor that determines whether or not a customer will buy from you. With many options to choose from, modern online buyers are more discerning than ever. They have no problem browsing through various online shops until they find precisely what they desire. So, if the images of your products lack the basic quality, you may quickly lose potential buyers to your competition. 

Poor quality images can easily create a negative image of your brand in the market. On the other hand, high-quality ones will attract more buyers, who can view your product listings from multiple angles and get all the details to make an informed purchase decision

Invest More in Image Content

An eye-catching image should be bold, modern, unique, and professional. For that reason, it is crucial to ensure your final images meet these criteria before you include them in your product listings. Here are a few tips to ensure your images meet the qualities mentioned above:

  • Photograph your products in realistic scenarios
  • Use bold colors
  • Include multiple angles of the product

Furthermore, you should always edit your images to make them more suited for your e-commerce platform. Utilize applications that help improve lighting or remove background from image free to ensure your product images convey the right message to your potential buyers.

Research Your Audience

If you want to create eye-catching images for your e-commerce store, the other important thing you need to consider is researching your audience. Knowing who your target audience is allows you to tailor your image content to suit their needs and preferences.

For instance, if your store specializes in training kits, you should research your target audience and ensure you are matching all their training needs. You can also use props or models to visually represent the style and functionality of the training kits. 

When all is said and done, ensure you research your audience to ensure all the ideas you implement in your image capturing are appropriate and cater to all their needs.

Choose a Spot with Proper Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any form of photography. So, if you want to create eye-catching images for your e-commerce store, you should consider choosing a properly lit spot.

If you capture the shots indoors, ensure you find a spot close to a well-lit window. Natural light does wonder when it comes to capturing high-quality images – so make sure you choose the time of day when a lot of light pours into the room.

You can also bounce light, using surfaces such as white bounce boards, to reduce the appearance of shadows, ensuring you get the finest details of your product. 


The quality of your product’s images is one of the factors that determine whether or not an online shopper will buy or keep browsing. For that reason, it is always important to invest time and effort in creating eye-catching images for your e-commerce store and e-commerce marketing.

The list above is not conclusive but contains some basic tips that can help you create high-quality product images for your online store.

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