Does Google follow and Index the JavaScript links

I was always confused that Does Google Follow and index the JavaScript links. And I am sure that many of the Bloggers are confused. So the question is:

Do Google Follow and Index the JavaScript links?

Do JavaScript links pass any link juice?

While doing link building should we build links using the JavaScript code?

And the answer to all the above Question is yes. Google Follow and Index the JavaScript links and we should use them in our link building techniques. A few weeks ago I was offered to have a link, but that link was JavaScript based I thought that it would pass no value as link juice. The reason behind this is when we check the link using the Moz Toolbar, we can check the outbound links, inbound links. But this tool doesn’t work on the JavaScript links.

Google follow and Index the JavaScript links

You can check the above Screenshot of the Moz toolbar And I will recommend you to check yourself if the tool works on the JavaScript links.

A JavaScript code may look like the below code:

<a class=”partner-link-new” href=”javascript:void(0);” onclick=”javascript:$.tutorsApp.commonView.trackClick(event,1)” data-url=”” target=”_blank”>

Now this what I believed and other webmasters, that JavaScripts links we hidden from Google and was created to get rid of the Spammy links. But, here’s my opinion that Google is becoming more powerful and can simply crawl and index the JavaScript links.

My Investigation that JavaScript links are indexed or Not.

As I told earlier that I was linked to a website, but they linked me through JavaScript Code.

So I always use Moz tool bar to check if the link is Follow or Nofollow but nothing appeared. I thought it to be a Nofollow link, a spammy one or hidden link. You can see the image below for the same.

javascript links

Then I inspected the code to my website using the Inspect element in the browser, and I was amazed to find that, the link was Dofollow but it was in the JavaScript Code. Even the webmaster of that website insisted that your link is a Dofollow. You can also see the image below for the same. I recommend you to read an explanatory post about Dofollow and Nofollow links.

Google follow and Index the JavaScript links

So, this is what I believe that links in JavaScript are Followed and can be indexed by Google.

What had Matt Cutts said about the JavaScript links?

As Matt Cutts has answered tons of questions about SEO and related things. So, here in this amazing Video, he does so.

The title of the video is “Should I disallow crawling of all of my site’s JavaScript files?”

After watching this video, you will understand that Google not only Fetch JavaScript but also it can also fetch CSS of the Website. So, This video of Matt Cutts proves that Google follows and index the JavaScript links. 

But this videos ends with a threat that we should not use more links in the JavaScript code. So, what to do now?

The Solution is simple you can make the links Nofollow, the links which are not Followed by the Google or any Search Engine bot. You can simply use rel=”Nofollow” in the code.

Finally What I want to say.

If you are getting a link from a website which is linking you through JavaScript code, then chances are that your website along with their website can be penalized or you can ask them to make the links Nofollow. And if you are using JavaScripts then, I will recommend you to go with the more Nofollow links then Follow links and Even the number of links per page are countable.

Robin Khokhar

I do web development and SEO. But when I get time, I do write and share tips and tricks about marketing and technology.

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3 thoughts on “Does Google follow and Index the JavaScript links

  1. Great thought, I never gave any clue upon Js and CSS.
    Updating robots with
    Disallow: /*jss
    Disallow :/*css
    Should work right?

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