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How To Download And Read An eBook On Your Laptop?

Do you want to create a Digital Library of your own? Yes, you read it right. In this technical world where everything...

Download And Read An eBook

Do you want to create a Digital Library of your own?

Yes, you read it right. In this technical world where everything is going to be digital, from your money to your education, your books should also show their existence in this digital world, and they are making their appearance as eBooks. The influence will help you throughout your complete journey of being more civilized.

What is an eBook? 

eBook stands for Electronic book, and the name made very clear what it is about. It’s a book published in a digital form consisting of images, text, and both. It can be read on many electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. There are some special devices that do all the other works for you like they have so many eBooks in there and available software for reading them. Some examples of these kinds of devices are Kindle, Sony DPT, and Kobo Forma but these will cost you around 7k-15k. If you want to save money and also enjoy reading, then you came to the right place. 

Why should you prefer eBooks over Printed books?

There are so many people who say that they can’t use it if they can’t feel it. But this should not be the case for books because books are beyond physical touch or feeling. Books are always about the content they are having in them and the knowledge they are giving to you. In spite of having the same content, there are so many advantages of eBooks over printed books. Some of them are listed below:

  1. You can have thousands of ebooks on your laptop, but that is not possible with printed books.  
  2. You can carry 1 or 2 physical books with you anywhere, but you can take as many as you want in the case of ebooks. 
  3. You can customize the ebook according to your preference. 
  4. eBooks are cheap so you can buy more ebooks on the same budget.

After reading all this, we are sure that you want to take a ride in the eBook world. So we will not make you wait so much for this, here is your guide to downloading an eBook.

How to Download an eBook?

There are so many ways to get an eBook. Easiest is, to go to google search and search via its name and start googling it, but this can be time taking, and maybe you will not get the book also because there is so many scam website that will lead you only to ads or they took your money and not deliver the desired book. So we will tell you some of the trusted resources and the steps to download.

One of the easiest ways is to go on the author’s website and directly purchase the book from there. But in case you are considering not spending money, you can download an eBook with 4Hub and relish reading it.  But there may be a case that the author might don’t have a website or rights are sold to some other company, or you may not know the name, so here is the list of some websites that have a collection of millions of eBooks.

  1. Open Library 
  2. Google eBookstore 
  3. Amazon Free Kindle Books 
  4. Internet Archive 
  5. LibGen / Library Genesis

Although these websites cover most of the eBooks, there are still some websites that you can get from the below link: 

To download any eBook from these sites, here are the basic steps that will lead you to your desired one. 

  1. Open any website and search for the book name or author name via the search box or use the filter functionality available on some websites. 
  2. If the book is available in their store, they will show you the cover image of the book. If that’s the book you want, they click the download button. If the book is free, then you will get your book. If it is paid, then you will redirect to a payment gateway where you need to pay the price, and then you will get your book.

Now you got your book, so it’s time to read it. 

How to read an eBook on your laptop?

You may think that there is anything you need to know about reading a book because you are professional in reading books but wait, folk, it’s an eBook, not a printed book that you can open and start reading it. eBooks are available in many formats, and there is a case that the format is not supported on your laptop. If it is a pdf book or some other common book, then you can read it in any editor available on your laptop, but if it is in .epub format or .fb2 format, then you need a reader software where you can read all kinds of eBook and here is your solution. 

  1. Calibre 
  2. Alfa eBooks Manager 
  3. Delicious Library 
  4. Kindlian 
  5. Readerware 

This reader software not only helps you read an eBook, but you can manage your books also in them. They provide many other functionalities also as you can convert books from one format to another or share them with your loved ones. 

“Books are the best friends of humans, 

 So you shouldn’t worry about the form it comes to you. “ 


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