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Writing Ebooks For a Living

To make money by writing an ebook looks like a lucrative option to earn. It’s not as easy as it seems. It...

Writing ebooks for a living

To make money by writing an ebook looks like a lucrative option to earn. It’s not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a reader interested in a book. Writing ebooks for a living firstly, you need to know who your target readers are? And how to keep your readers interested till the end? How to determine the cost of your book? and lastly, how to design, edit or market your book? When you get all these answers then you are good to launch your own self-published book.

Now, what is an ebook?

With the advent of the digital era, our way of reading books has also been revolutionized. Now books are made available on any digital platform be it smartphones, laptops, tablets, or PC. These books are meant for distribution purposes and thus cannot be editable easily.

Advantage of writing an ebook

The advantage of writing an ebook is you could self-publish your book to make them available for readers. It will cost much lesser than publishing a book in a traditional way. This way it avoids the hassle of making a book, talking to editors, writers’ permission before publishing. These ebooks could be written on any topic as long as it has readers to read. And creating an ebook is easy and can be created using different websites.

Where you could sell your ebook?

1. Own website

One could start their own website and can start selling on their own website. It will take too much work to do. The responsibility of making and handling a website will be on your own. Maintaining a website is not quite a task. It needs much knowledge and determination to handle. The added advantage of selling at your own website is that you get to have all the profit derived from sales. No commission will be deducted as in the case in amazon kindle. In this way, it helps you for writing ebooks for a living.

2. Amazon kindle

Amazon kindle, apple’s iBook store, or any other platform: firstly you need to upload your ebook, you need to create your own account on the website. Then you could upload your ebook on those respective websites. This website takes some amount of percentage from your earnings as their commission. This is not the case when you upload it on your own site. The added advantage is that these platforms provide a good amount of traffic to your book. No extra headache of maintaining a website will be included.

But the question is which option should one take? I advise you to try both ways as you don’t know which method will benefit you more.

Marketing your book

This is the most crucial step in publishing an ebook. One should actively market their book to gain and attract more potential readers. You need to market your book on different digital platforms such as Facebook page, Twitter, and with your LinkedIn contacts. You could refer your book to your contacts and ask them to review it on their social media page for a better reach of readers. You can offer some chapters of your book for free to make readers interested to buy the rest of the book. Go creative with your marketing campaign. If someone is using a platform then they could go for directly paid ads to market their book. It is the same way most companies market their product.

Some tips and tricks to write an ebook

  1. Proofreading: This is the most important step while finishing a book. You need to make sure that your book is error-free which means no grammatical mistakes in your book.
  2. Spend some time on cover and layout: Well it should be given utmost care because most of the readers do gets attract with most of the eye-catching cover. This trick could make your book more impressive and lead you in a way of writing ebooks for a living.
  3. Choose a topic you have knowledge of: At the start, go with the topics you are confident of. So that you can write about that topic in detail.
  4. Make it easy to understand: Make your content in such a way that it can be easily understandable to your readers. Don’t try to use a more flowery composition that is hard to comprehend. Keep it simple but cool.
  5. Do research on the topic: Do proper research on the topic you are writing on. It is necessary so that you could write on the topic you have great knowledge of. Therefore, google it, read similar books or ebooks related to your topic, and write on the basis of facts.


At last, it’s getting trickier to make a living writing an ebook but it’s not impossible. Hence, you have to focus on the points mentioned above and you need to do hard work. You can overcome your hassle once you’ll learn how it works and could make a handsome amount writing an ebook.


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