How To Prepare For University Entrance Tests?


The university entrance test is a test that tends to scare and put pressure on students. It is a different exam from those faced in high school, with different methods and timing, therefore it requires a tailor-made preparation.

I want to help you not to get lost, suggesting exactly what is best to do to set up your preparation in the best possible way.

The Manuals

The first essential ally you need to get to prepare for the admission test is the right manual. Furthermore, the entrance exams are different from the tests you faced in high school, not only for a matter of modalities and timing but also of reasoning. The manual, through simulations and exercises, teaches you to develop your logical reasoning skills correctly and to formulate the answers in the best way for the test.

Also, while studying your beautiful manual, keep the high school texts by your side in which to go through in-depth the notions that are explained a little more superficially in the manuals. Having said that, I advise you not to base your preparation for the entrance test solely and exclusively on high school books, but to use them only as an in-depth tool where you deem it necessary.

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The Practice

After obtaining the necessary texts, you will move on to the active part of the study and above all practice. Exercise is the big detail that allows you to make a real difference in preparing for the entrance tests, whether or not you determine your success. A lot of theory and a few exercises are the recipe for bad preparation. Exercise is the key to testing your theoretical knowledge.

The manuals already have within them a section dedicated exclusively to exercises. Simulations that you need to develop, as we said before, are logical reasoning and the formulation of answers. And another very important thing in which they help you is proper time management!

If the ones you find in the book aren’t enough for you, there are tons of other resources you can draw on. The Internet is full of sites with databases containing the questions and simulations of tests from past years, almost always accessible for free. Just search on Google! There is no absolutely foolproof and perfect formula to follow, but the important thing is that you practice a lot, especially to fill your gaps.

The Study Method

The study method is undoubtedly essential to prepare yourself better. When you find yourself studying many subjects at the same time, you must have a solid system at the base. If you have it, the method will help you in understanding topics, memorizing information, reviewing, and so on, for example, thanks to memory and quick reading techniques.

The Study Group

At this point, we put our hands together and shout “One for all, all for oneâ€! If you don’t know me yet and this is the first article you read, know that teamwork is very important to me.

The benefits of this teamwork are undeniable, so I recommend that you do exactly the same thing. Create a good study group with which to prepare for the entrance exam. Of course, it does not mean reading the manual aloud altogether and doing the exercises “in the community”. Rather, it is a question of establishing a shared climate in which to come together to study seriously, support each other and come together when needed. With the study group, you will be able to test your preparation, make the test simulations more interactive, review and ask for explanations where you do not remember something, and in turn fill in someone else’s gaps.


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