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The Importance of Time Management for Bloggers

Have you wondered why you’re always in a fix? The dishes are piled up on the sink, and the dirty laundry has...

Time Management for Bloggers

Have you wondered why you’re always in a fix? The dishes are piled up on the sink, and the dirty laundry has turned into an ever-growing mountain. Even more, you have a blog deadline looming. Think about this for a moment; how well do you manage the precious few hours you have each week? Why is time management critical? 

Time Management for Bloggers

You only have a few hours left before your next deadline. But you know what, you’re still on Pinterest. You, my friend, need to evaluate your time management strategy. Here’s the thing: time management might seem like an odd concept, but it’s fundamentally important to any business. That’s why you’ll find widely successful firms using time tracking technologies such as WebWork Time Tracker and Trello time tracking addon on employees. What’s that old expression again; time is money. 

Your blog has to start somewhere. In most cases, that somewhere is brainstorming. For starters, you have to do keyword research, blog writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. On top of all that, if you have to deal with a full-time job, the pressure is on. As such, mastering time management skills for anonymous bloggers is essential. Moreover, you can benefit from content marketing and blogging in general. 

Keep on reading to learn why time management is essential to making your blogging successful, despite working full-time on a different career.

Why is Time Management Important?

You’ll have to look at the big picture here. Like it or not; we can’t make more time out of thin air. Everyone has the same limited twenty-four hours in a day to use as they see fit. But, some people can do more within a limited time. The reason is they have a grip on how important time management is, and what they stand to gain from it. Here are eight reasons why time management is essential for bloggers. 

Accomplish more with less time

Let’s be honest; you can produce content consistently for your blog if you spend less time on social media. Take control of your time to improve your ability to focus on your blogging goals. That’s right. With an increased focus on time management comes enhanced efficiency. You wouldn’t want to lose momentum and take longer to go through tasks. 

Build a successful career through time management

Can effective time management lead to a successful career? You bet! Time management allows you to take control. One of the reasons why most blogs find themselves in the proverbial scrap heap is inconsistency. If you feel in control, people will notice. Why do I say this? Leaders in your line of work will come to you whenever they need to get things done. And boom! The increased exposure guarantees career advancements for you.

Free time to relax and unwind

You don’t need to spend a large chunk of your time on a task to get something done. However, there’s an element of allocating many hours to a task. It’s essential to learn how to get something done, within less time. When you get things done in a few hours, you can allocate extra time to relax, unwind, and sleep. 

Improved decision-making

As you have an effective system in place, you’ll discover that a positive side benefit of proper time management is the ability to make well-informed decisions. How? Think about this for a moment; have you made any right decisions whenever you were pressed for time? Yes? That’s right. You’re more likely to jump into conclusions without considering proper decision-making procedures. 

There’s no pressure with effective time management. You can quickly eliminate the pressure and feel calmer and in control. Put this way; you can allocate the time to examine options and when to make the final decision. Sometimes you need to apply time management techniques to diminish your chances of making poor decisions. 

Learning opportunities

Do you need to shift the balance of your workplace? Do you spend too much time doing unproductive tasks? Here’s the thing; learning opportunities are around you. You only need to stop and take full advantage of them. 

By having a time management system in place, you’ll have time to take part in the launch of a new product at work. Or perhaps enjoy lunch with your workmates in other departments, which can become an eye-opening experience. Besides, the more you learn, the more you earn. 

Reduce stress

The very first step to ensure that you are using your time in the best possible manner is to have a management system in place. This system will evaluate each action you spend time on, and ensure you produce the best results possible. As a result, you will feel less rushed and overwhelmed. 

Once you have a time management system in the process, you’ll no longer subject yourself to stress. It will improve your health. We’ve all at one point come across a social media post praising how business leaders spend a lot to stay healthy. Well, they also practice effective time management to get a clear picture of the demand for their time. 

Self-discipline is valuable

Think about your priorities. Do they leave room for procrastination? The better you get at time management, the more self-disciplined you become. As such, the impact can be seen in the areas of your daily life, where the lack of self-discipline has kept you from achieving specific goals. 

Time is limited

This fact applies to everyone. Be it your co-worker who seems to accomplish half the amount of work you do. Also, it applies to your other co-worker who consistently performs more tasks than you. No matter how you want to slice it, the only way you’re going to become an accomplished blogger is if you acknowledge the importance of time.


The positive cycle of effective time management allows you to accomplish more in less time. This system leads to the accumulation of free time, which you can leverage to reduce stress, take advantage of career opportunities, and focus more on self-improvement. All you have to do is get started. What more can time management do for you?

Written by Lori Wade
Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on LinkedIn.

5 Replies to “The Importance of Time Management for Bloggers”

  1. Lori Wade, this is a very interesting post you have shared here. Time management can be crucial for most bloggers. I agree with you on the fact that people who have a to-do list and a proper plan succeed very well online. I am inspired to consider all the points you have listed for time management inorder to succeed.

  2. Hello Lori,

    Time management is very important in blogging. It helps you to keep yourself organized also save you time. Many bloggers are still facing this issue and in the initial days of my blogging, I also faced it. You have shared some great tips here.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. Hi Lori, I can relate to this one! Blogging can take up a LOT of time, from creating posts, promoting them and then commenting on other blogs. This all can take so much time especially if you are not focused on your time. Having some time management tools to use will help you stay more focused and get more done in the same amount of time. I’m learning to do this more and more as I’m going on my 9th year blogging away. Thanks for the tips Lori and have a nice weekend!

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