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Ideal Keyword Density for SEO

The keyword is another term used for SEO, simply we can say keyword plays an important role in the ranking of the website....

keyword density

The keyword is another term used for SEO, simply we can say keyword plays an important role in the ranking of the website. And Keyword density must be appropriate according to the rules given by Google. Keywords are the words that appear on Google for a particular site. For example, if we are searching for something like “Best Restaurant”, then “Best Restaurant” can be considered as a Keyword when searched on Google, then it returns some sites which have information about the Restaurantsor food or queries like these.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the percentage of the particular word that appears on the page with the comparison to the total number of words. Google has set some standards for the density of the keyword. When I was a beginner in SEO, I always thought that the more the keyword appears on the page the more is the density of the keyword which obviously was not true.

What is the Ideal percentage of it?

Many SEO experts have no answer to this, they always say that it’s a hit and trial formula. But you can check the Matt Cutts video for a better understanding of the density of the keyword. There are some SEO firms which confirm the density of the keyword. The SEO by Yoast uses the WordPress plugin to allow its users to confirm the density of the keywords. However, some SEO firms suggest using 3 to 5 percentage of keyword density out of 100%.

Why Google penalizes sites with a higher density of keywords?

As in the above video, Matt Cutts clearly states that how search engines have become smart. They rank those sites which make sense and are not over-optimized with the keywords. The sites that do keyword stuffing are often penalized due to lack of sensibility because Google checks punctuations, grammar, and well-optimized density of the keyword. We can take precautions by using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), LSI means the use of synonyms for the main keyword, The Use of the LSI can save us from Google’s penalty.


Use of Keywords in the URL  is an important ranking factor.

Online grammar checker tools to avoid grammatical errors.

Tools for analyzing the density of Keyword:

There are many tools on the Internet that can be used for the betterment of SEO. These tools are Proven a real helping aid for many Webmasters. Here is the list of it which you can use.

  1. SEO Book
  2. Internet Marketing Ninjas
  3. Small SEO Tools
  4. Add Me

And if you are using WordPress than the Best in the SEO by Yoast Plugin.

If You think I have missed some points then please tell me by commenting below.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

3 Replies to “Ideal Keyword Density for SEO”

  1. Hey Robin!

    This topic worths reading. Even I usually apply the same ratio of keyword density that is either 2/100 or 3/100 but I have never used any tool to check the density as prefer to check it manually. But now I would surely try these suggested tools.

    Interesting one! Keep sharing!

  2. I’m not sure whether you’re being diabolically clever or it’s just a typo, but you indirectly raise another good point about keywords: Use common misspellings. (The word is “restaurant,” not “resturant.” BUT – Google the misspelling and it could turn out to be a good keyword for you – the same way synonyms can be.)

    Do be careful using a thesaurus if writing in a language that is not your native language. Fastest way to clue people in that you’re writing for search engines, not human beings, is to use the wrong words plucked from a Thesaurus. PEOPLE won’t be back for more. Ever. (Article spinners are hilariously bad at this.)

    While it may not land you on Page ONE of Google right off the bat, if you consistently write helpful, correct information on a topic, such that you are among the most trusted resources for it, and you choose keywords based on the question: “If I were searching for this information, what would I type into the Google search box?” you should do well with your blog. But what do I know. I still haven’t become a millionaire in my sleep.

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