Importance of the Facial Liveness Detection in the Face Verification

The advancement in technology has many benefits, as it has lessened the task of the individuals. Companies are employing the latest machines...

Importance of the Facial Liveness Detection in the Face Verification

The advancement in technology has many benefits, as it has lessened the task of the individuals. Companies are employing the latest machines in their daily work, as the trending technologies are reliable and user-friendly. Organizations can not progress in this competitive environment without the integration of the latest tools. Therefore the use of facial liveness detection is essential so that the companies can rank them on the international level.

Understanding of the Liveness Detection for Face Recognition

The companies perform the verification of the user, and while onboarding them, the scanner compares the facial feature of the user with the previously stored image. The companies perform this authentication to check the authenticity of the user. The client stands in front of the scanner, and the system captures the picture and then makes its templates. The solutions then perform the further steps and show the results.

Active and Passive Liveness Detection

In active detection, the client has to actively participate in the verification, such as they have to have to show their identity card to the system. In addition to this, they also have to respond to the queries displayed on these screens, such as nodding their head, blinking their eye, or passing any gesture. The companies do not prefer this type of authentication because clients usually get fed up with such verifications, as they have to answer the queries of the system.

The second type of verification is passive liveness detection, in which the users do not have to perform any task. The system notices the activity of the customers without even informing them. Organizations are mostly using this tool because it enhances the user experience and gives them seamless services.

Uses Cases of the Liveness Detection Technology

Face liveness verification is crucial to ensure the reliability of the authentication:

  1. Digital Account Security

People prefer to use digital transactions, they do not prefer to visit the banks. Therefore the security of it is very crucial, it is the core value of the companies to certify that the data of the users is in safe hands. Face detection and recognition allow only real customers to open an account. They keep the credentials of the user safe from the access of hackers.

  1. Securing Client Identity

The clients sometimes unknowingly give access to their accounts to hackers. The scammers send the link to the individuals, and clicking it takes them to the system of the customers. They use the account of the client for their illicit means and then commit crimes. Other than this facial liveness detection also acts as the age verifier. They can protect the minors from the products that are not good for them.

  1. Anti Spoofing

The hackers perform spoofing attacks or 3D masks to hack the account of the customer. They sometimes use the stolen video or the image of the client, and present it to the scanner. The biometric solutions check the liveness of the client, for this purpose the customer has to blink their eye or node head. In this way, if any hacker is trying to use the face masks to log in to the system, then the scanner easily detects it, because the silicon images do not contain the spots and blemishes that are on the real face.

  1. Password Protection

In past the hackers used the stolen passwords to log in to the system, but now advanced tools do not require any code. The users just face the scanner to unlock the system, this is an additional layer of security.

How Biometric Solution Enhances the Client Experience?

The company’s main aim is to satisfy their clients, for this purpose, they have to understand the liking or disliking of the user, and then design the product accordingly. The scanner detects frequent visitors, and then the organization can give prizes to loyal clients. In this way, they can promote more shopping and can retain customers for an extended period. Artificial intelligence tools help companies properly manage the record of the client and ensure the timely delivery of the products. The latest tools notify the company if any product is damaged or is not up to the mark.


The facial liveness detection plays a significant role in the success of the brands. Organizations use these tools so that they increase their profit rate. These advanced tools perform many functions they can verify the users, monitor their activities, and aid in onboarding. The customer’s experience is enhanced through these solutions as they get the product according to their choice, therefore they do not prefer to move to another company

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