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How to Cut down Your Internet Bills and Save Money?

The current crisis caused by the Coronavirus has made life a little difficult for people all over the world. Besides the virus...

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The current crisis caused by the Coronavirus has made life a little difficult for people all over the world. Besides the virus itself, a challenge is the drastic change that has come in the lives of the people and confinement in homes where everybody is advised to stay indoors and practice Social Distancing to avoid any loss of lives. So, you must think about saving some extra cash and resources to get yourself adequate quality and amount of food, medical supplies and other essentials to get through these difficult times. So we have decided to formulate a few ways to help you save money by cutting down your internet bills and expensive ways to use the internet:

Monitor Your Data Usage 

You don’t have to pay for services that you don’t use. This means that if your internet usage is low then you should pull down your plan and go for a lower-tier package. The best way to do is go to your service provider’s website and look for the speeds and offers that do not exceed too much with the data plans that you actually use in a month or by the end of every billing month. One other way and by far the best way to do this is to call your internet service provider and ask them about the different internet service packages available and change your plan accordingly. 

Compare Your Plans and Services Available in Your Area

Don’t get tricked by the brand image. Some providers have outstanding services in a particular area and the opposite image in another area. There may be a new company which is providing a better service at a much less price that is offered in your area. Ask around in your neighborhood about their experience and then conclude on which service you’re about to use.

Buy Bundle Packs 

If you are using the internet, home phone and TV, always look for packaged services or bundle deals. Using bundles or service packages helps you subscribe to all these services from a single provider or company and save a considerable amount of money. At the same time, users get to use the highest internet speeds for your internet connection, thousands of HD channels, and access to the famous movies and shows of all times and amazing technology for people who love to communicate via home phone services. For instance, users who subscribe to CenturyLink TV and Internet service get the most affordable services by the provider and get the best value for the money they invest in their internet, home phone, and Cable TV connection. Apart from that a lot of other perks are attached to users who use services by CenturyLink as bundles.

Try to Use Free Wi-Fi

Whenever you’re outside, try to use the free Wi-Fi offered by many public places within the USA. Places like Libraries, cafeterias, shopping malls, and hotels, etc. provide free Wi-Fi services to their customers. When you are around a free Wi-Fi coverage area, turn off the data plan on your phone and get connected to free Wi-Fi services that get to you via hotspots available in that area. Here’s a quick tip that you can follow:

  • Try to register or sign in every time, whenever you visit there.
  • Enable the automatic sign-in function for known networks.
  • Do your homework and look for such spots using the internet or select places that offer free Wi-Fi for tourists.

Take Up a Mobile Internet Plan

If you’re a user who uses the internet on your phone or tablet, decline using broadband and take a mobile internet plan. Responsive apps and websites with mobile versions consume less bandwidth which means that they do not consume a lot of your internet data. This way you can get a 4G plan for mobile devices at the price of a basic broadband plan.

Always Try To Negotiate With the Provider

At the last resort, you should try giving a call to your internet provider and ask them if there are any new offers. It happens that sometimes your internet service provider or the company getting you the internet service in your home and office extends their offers to customers who tend to use their services. They do this to retain their clients. If they fail to cater your request bring into their notice that you’re switching to some other provider.


So the bottom line is that when you decide on getting yourself an internet or a cable TV connection, try to look for the service provider that delivers what they advertise and offer the best prices. Also, if you still can’t make up your mind, look out for any additional services, email accounts, free services, add-ons, more channels, or anything additional that can make your life easier during the lockdown period.


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