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How to Turn Your Blog into A Money-Making Venture?

If you have a subject that you’re passionate about and want to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, you may...

Blog into A Money-Making Venture

If you have a subject that you’re passionate about and want to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, you may be interested in creating your own blog. This is a great way of letting your ideas out and educating other people about a topic you’re already adept at. Blogging can also become your medium to make new friends and improve your writing abilities. But are you aware that blogging can also become an income-generating hobby?

While you may only see it as a bit of fun, there is the potential to make a small income from blogging. With the number of people heavily relying on the internet, your blog can be their medium to know more about a particular product, service, or experience. If you’re looking forward to publishing content in your blog that involves reviews about businesses, your readers will rely on these to determine whether or not they should pay for a particular product or service.

If you like the sound of making some cash from doing something you love, here are a few ways on how to turn your blog into a money-making venture.

Monetize with CPM or CPC Ads

One of the main routes that bloggers go down when it comes to making money is by placing advertisements on their pages. The two most popular types of ads are CPM and CPC. CPM ads are ads that will pay you a fixed amount of cash, however, this is determined by how many readers view your ad, whereas CPC (cost per click) ads tend to be banners that you can insert into your content or sidebar. Every time a reader clicks on this type of ad, you will receive money for it.

This arrangement will require creating healthy relationships with other businesses, which is why you should exert time and effort in reaching out to experts in a specific industry. This is especially important if you’re going to enter the blogging industry as a newbie.

Sell Private Ads

If you don’t like the sound of working with advertising networks, you may want to sell your own private ads. If your blog is experiencing a large influx of traffic, advertisers may come to you directly instead. One of the main benefits of selling private ads is that there is no middleman, meaning you receive 100% of what you earn. Private ads can come in all different types of forms, such as links, buttons, and banners.

Another good tool that you can use to monetize your blog is by including affiliate links in your content. The ability to build links from your own private blog network (PBN) is a great way to earn money regularly, especially if you have a lot of online followers.

For example, if you are a blog that specializes in engagement and wedding rings, you may want to partner with websites that are in a similar vein to you, such as budget-friendly weddings and engagement/wedding ring review sites. If your blog involves selling apparel for women, you can partner with websites that sell dresses for kids or tops for women. Working with businesses that are in the same niche as your blog will make it very easy for you to attain positive results and profits since you both have similar target audiences.

Build Your Credibility

Whether you blog for fun or for business purposes, it’s important that you maintain your reputation. You need to make readers trust and believe in what you have to say, so there are various marketing strategies that you can take to ensure your blog is at the top of search engine results. SEO (search engine optimization) should be your first port of call, so you may want to check out some SMB-Hacks that you can use if you’re on a small budget.

As a novice in the blogging industry, it’s important that you start by building credibility. How can you gain profits if you don’t have any online followers? Do you think businesses will be confident in creating partnerships with you if they don’t have any idea who you are as a blogger? Successfully building your credibility can become your ticket to earn profits as a blogger in the industry.

Sell Memberships

Another way to make money from your blog is by selling memberships that give readers access to exclusive content and other perks. For example, if you are a career blog, you may charge readers $10 per month, which gives them access to your job board. No matter what your blog specializes in, you need to make the content worthwhile and interesting, so readers are getting good value for money.

Monetizing your page with CPM or CPC ads, selling private ads, using affiliate marketing, as well as selling memberships are just a few ways on how you can turn your blog into a money-making venture.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
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  1. You can market your own products by featuring photos and descriptions on your blog. You can either allow your audience to purchase the items directly through your blog, or redirect them to an eCommerce portal that stocks them.

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