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Jellyfin Vs Plex Vs Emby: Which Is Better?

Choosing the best media server between Jellyfin vs Plex vs Emby can be challenging as all three programs are compelling and highly...

Jellyfin Vs Plex Vs Emby: Which Is Better?

Choosing the best media server between Jellyfin vs Plex vs Emby can be challenging as all three programs are compelling and highly reliable. On the one hand, where Plex and Jellyfin are veterans, Emby is a newly emerging media powerhouse packed with excellent features, which makes it the ultimate solution. However, if you’re searching for the best media server to install on your computer or TV, you’ve landed on the right page! Today, in this blog, we will thoroughly compare the three most in-demand media servers, namely, Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s dive in!


Jellyfin Vs Plex Vs Emby

Jellyfin is an open-source, free-to-use media server software where you can stream, organize and manage all personalized media collections, including tv shows, web series, movies, photos, and more. It has all the latest features, such as a customizable user interface, cross-platform support, multiple user accounts, and on-the-fly transcoding. Also, it provides complete control and prioritizes customers’ privacy without data breaching or selling.


Jellyfin Vs Plex Vs Emby

Plex, another famous media server, allows users to manage, stream and organize their library on different devices. After all, it’s Known for its sleek and easy-to-use interface, robust system, and advanced media management system. The standout feature of Plex is its ability to retrieve metadata automatically while making it visually attractive and appealing to its audience. For additional premium features, go for the Plex subscription model.


Jellyfin Vs Plex Vs Emby

On Emby, you can organize, explore and stream your personalized media collection on different devices. Also, it has a customizable and modern user interface, allowing users to add personal touches to media library metadata and views. It supports live TV, media organization, parental controls, and DVR capabilities. Emby also comes up with different premium features for additional functionality. 


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Pros and Cons of Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby  

In the same way, all three media server software have pros and cons. So here are some major strengths and weaknesses of Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby:

Jellyfin Pros & Cons


  • No subscription fees 
  • Open source software 
  • Excellent personalization options 
  • User-controlled and privacy-focused 
  • Also, Cross-platform support


  • The user interface may not be as smooth as other media servers. 
  • Transcoding performance tends to fluctuate based on the hardware. 

Plex Pros & Cons 


  • Sleek design and user-friendly interface 
  • Excellent features and robust media management 
  • Easy remote access 
  • Additionally, premium features are available. 


  • A subscription fee is needed for all advanced features 
  • Customization options are limited 
  • Data privacy is a big concern. 

Emby Pros & Cons


  • Modern design and simple interface. 
  • Cross-platform support 
  • Excellent customization options are available 
  • Extensive media management features 
  • Parental control to access content 


  • A subscription fee is required to access some features 
  • Transcoding performance changes based on the hardware. 
  • Also, Data breaching and privacy concerns

Comparison Table – Jellyfin Vs. Plex Vs. Emby 

Here is a quick comparison between Jellyfin Vs. Plex Vs. Emby: 

Particulars Jellyfin Plex Emby 
Developer Jellyfin TeamPlex Inc.Emby Team
Release date 2018 2008 2021 
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Fire OS, MacOS, and RokuWindows, iOS, Fire OS, Android, Linux, and MacOSWindows, iOS, Fire OS, Android, Linux, and macOS
Pricing 100% free to use Free to use with some paid features Free to use with some paid features 
Media management Yes Yes Yes 
User interface Can be customized User-friendly and sleek Customizable and modern 
Live TV and DVROnly through 3rd party plugins Readily available Readily available
Offline Syncing Not available  Available Available 
Privacy Controlled by users with no selling or data collection Data collection Data collection 


All in all, Choosing the ideal media server software amongst the top three, including Jellyfin, Ple, and Emby, completely depends on your personal requirements, priorities, and preferences. If privacy and customization are your topmost priority without spending a penny, Jellyfin can be an ideal pick. However, if you want a polished user experience and easy access to all advanced features, choose Emby or Plex. Jellyfin and Plex are undoubtedly two of the most competitive options; however, it depends on personal needs and choices. We hope this blog helps you choose between Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby wisely!


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