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Artificial Intelligence has become an everyday partner. Confused how?

Ever asked Siri to play a new song? Taken help from Netflix to suggest what to watch? Well, yes AI is everywhere!

As AI is simplifying day-to-day functions, it is also leveraging the business industry in modifying service operations. When we talk about lead generation, it is taken to be a tedious task. Nevertheless, AI is helping to simplify lead generation services surprisingly.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing strategy where business agents call prospects/customers to inform them about the business product/service with the aim to initiate sales. Lead generating companies aim to generate more leads for their partners with a motive to uplift sales. However, 61% of B2B marketers feel that lead generation isn’t easy. This is the reason why it is significant to acknowledge AI that can introduce new methods to simplify lead generation and meet requirements on time to augment lead qualification.

How can AI help with B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation as we talked is all about trying to initiate the prospects /customers’ interest in the business services. AI can help in bringing out positive leads and keeps a check on eased services for potential customers showing interest in the business service to select the right platform.

When a company outsources its lead generation to an external partner, it has to make sure that it collaborates with a correct provider that has experts having knowledge of the AI advantage. As per reports, it is been seen that AI helps to increase sales by 59%, brings 58% growth in revenue, and helps with 54% more traffic. Therefore, why stick to age-old traditional services when AI can revolutionize service dimensions!

Lead generating companies have worked on various measures/strategies to augment lead generation. Using content marketing, social media marketing, pay per click, etc. has been in trend to augment lead generation service. However, AI has a new angle to help companies simplify operations for the customer.

By embracing AI in business functions, companies can help augment and strengthen the sales framework. How?

Check out the AI-driven lead generation hacks:

AI Managing Data Sets for Efficient Lead Generation Services

Managing customer data is a hassling task and agents get pissed off analyzing and interpreting mountains of data to get an understanding of the customer requirements. When the task is done manually, causes chaos, and takes time. However, AI helps here by saving costs and time with intelligence to manage data accounts.

AI can use its intelligence to draw insights from customer data easily. Apart from saving agents from the monotonous task of data analysis, AI helps the B2B lead generation process because:

  • AI analyses customers’ buying patterns, search patterns, and customer profiles by accessing their communication details. From the data sources like CRM, social mediums, and other automation platforms, AI helps to extract data easily about leads’ interests and then use the same to augment lead generation services.
  • AI helps agents with real-time customer profile information so that reaching customers is easy and fulfilling their requirements is easier too.
  • With the help of automation, agents can lure prospects better with the use of the right technology. The AI software recommends the most likely used communication type by the lead like text, social channel, or maybe calls. This way reaching the prospect through the same channel becomes easier.

Earlier it was hard to reach leads through adequate platforms due to a lack of knowledge, however, AI solves this issue.

AI-Driven Lead Generating Companies for a Smart Lead List

If you wonder how AI can make a difference to your lead generation process, you need to read the following to understand how AI platforms are significant:

  • AI solutions can help you with boosted leads in the Total Available Market (TAM).
  • AI helps your company know the leads better.
  • Automated bots read replies and analyze comments to differentiate the interesting leads from the non-interested ones.
  • AI uses a contact database, automated email list, chat history, customer database, and user experience analysis to know quality leads for sales.

Analyzing the customer database, email list, chat history, and behavior with a manual agent is time taking and may land the prospect of becoming the partner of the competitor. Thus, using AI can help to validate crucial information on time so that reaching the lead with the right service is not a dream.

AI Easing Lead Recommendation

As per a survey by EverString and Heinz Marketing, “Around 71% of B2B marketers are interested in using AI for personalization.

AI-driven lead generation services are being used by lead-generating companies astoundingly. Creating personalized data is been possible with AI introduction, so why follow the traditional B2B lead generation solutions!

Learning customer profiles and analyzing the same to draw insights on what to offer is been possible with AI. Not only is this, but automated software can instantly understand customer requirements and reach the correct potential person on time. Thus, delivering valuable insights for efficient decision making on time is been possible today avoiding time wastage on false leads. This is one big reason why AI has become the guardian angel for service-providing firms.

AI-Enabled CRM Assistant at Work

With the help of AI, engaging the leads becomes possible. With the help of automation, companies can prioritize interested leads and augment conversion rates. An accurate lead scoring system is beneficial here too.

Lead scoring is all about ranking the leads based on a scale to get an idea of the most valued lead. AI’s machine learning helps with simplified lead qualification, lead analysis, a behavioral analysis that was earlier very much time taking.

Such analysis when done by manual agents results in mismanagement and the threat of inaccuracies. Lead generation is all about reaching prospects with the business products/services to attract them towards the organizational functions and efficient AI-powered lead generation solutions can skyrocket these services.

How can your AI-Powered Solution be Better than Traditional Approaches?

Well, the traditional approaches like content marketing, optimizing search engines, utilizing social channels, auditing websites’ conversion rates, etc. are still preferable lead generation strategies. We do not say that these traditional methods are not useful. Nevertheless, adding the perks of AI can help to minimize various monotonous time taking procedures.

What makes AI different is that it firstly works on the potential customers that have the chance of becoming loyal partners. Most strategies of B2B lead generation do not differentiate between potentially interested leads the non-interested ones. However, AI does so.

With the help of AI machine learning technology, relevant traffic is differentiated from non-relevant ones. Not only is this, but AI analyses user behavior than language. Most of the companies use AI to measure PDF files to draw insights too, which was not possible earlier. With such data insights, it is easy to reach leads with the required services increasing sales opportunities.

Yet, AI can’t work the same as humans, so the potential limitation, if we talk about it, could be that AI is limited to patterns. To create a sense of uniqueness and creativity, AI needs human assistance to give an out-of-the-box result.

Ending Statement

With AI, it is possible to analyze human behavior and help companies know what their leads want. Thus, this increases the chance of sales and converting more leads as partners.

AI is the future too that can control what reaches the customer and at what time! With such an advantage, it is easy to reach the leads’ core needs and serve what they want. 

The search system has already turned from search to voice, which is why apps are getting smarter to analyze what the user needs. Content consumed anywhere can be the gateway to efficient lead generation services, thus why avoid modern tools and refrain from attracting more leads!

AI-powered technology is the future, so enhance your lead generation process with the same!

Melissa Wyatt

Melissa Wyatt

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