Lead with Virtual Assistant

Lead with Virtual Assistant

“Lead with Virtual Assistant” is an anglicism that designates a person who can be transformed into a buyer. This is a commercial contract previously attracted by your brand. Many companies have already understood that online leadership with Virtual Assistant makes a big difference when acquiring new customers and expanding market share.

It is, in fact, a clever process that will allow a brand to develop through growth hacking techniques aimed at expanding the book of commercial contacts on which to base future customer acquisition processes. If an assistant is assigned to this important task, the company can hope to achieve the set goals and even more.

What is Lead generation with a Virtual Assistant?

Lead generation is a prospecting strategy that involves attracting visitors to your website to collect their contact details. These details will then be used to contact them and provide them with the elements they need to consider before purchasing your offers.

In principle, lead generation is a marketing approach favored by the majority of businesses today since it costs 61% less than other strategies commonly implemented previously. A lead expresses an interest in your business, regardless of the level. You need to find the right content to convince them to purchase.

Where can we acquire Lead with Virtual Assistant?

Whether in BtoB or BtoC, 3 steps summarize lead generation:

  • Attracting visitors to the company’s website
  • Collecting their contact details
  • Lead nurturing

How do you generate leads in BtoB? Why not LinkedIn?

Email prospecting effectively attracts visitors to the site and turns to lead generation. But who says BtoB also says LinkedIn, the largest professional social network currently, has more than 15 million French people registered? How do you generate leads on LinkedIn? Posting content regularly, interacting with other people’s profiles, responding to comments, and positioning yourself as an expert… are essential actions. Don’t forget to redirect interested parties to increase traffic to your site.

Apart from the usual lead generation process, which consists of attracting the right potential customers to the site, this platform has functionality that immediately takes the person’s contact details when they are interested in an offer you offer. It is naturally more accessible and more fruitful since the process is short.

BtoC lead acquisition, a range of possibilities

On the BtoC side, the options are more numerous, given the diversity of possible personas depending on the company’s sector of activity:

  • Working on SEO with blog posts
  • Post on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Launch online advertising campaigns

One of the most interesting ways is to optimize the SEO of the business website. You will work on a targeted strategy based on well-thought-out keywords. Moreover, whatever channels you choose, this keyword strategy will always serve you on all platforms.

Looking for new customers for Lead

To simplify the understanding of this process and differentiate between lead and prospect, here is an explanatory diagram of the process of generating qualified leads:

Think about “scalability” by delegating

A business hoping to grow exponentially needs to consider scalability—its ability to expand without sacrificing aspects of the company. What could be better than delegating certain processes to devote more strategic resources to missions with higher added value?

Expanding a business’s size necessarily means broadening its customer base. This could involve extending the catchment area, conquering a new population segment, expanding the target audience, etc.

You might appreciate not putting together the web marketing strategy to be applied yourself but entrusting it to a digital specialist. Not only is your marketing growth in good hands, but your team benefits from helpful marketing tips, and you will have time to work on your new products or even train yourself to achieve the qualitative objectives you set for yourself.

Promote your place in the market

You must also work on your brand image on social networks and the web. This means rethinking your visuals and creating content that reflects the values you want to bring to your target audience with Lead with Virtual Assistant for potential Customers.

In addition, interaction with your audience is crucial to gaining notoriety online. Therefore, it is important to be able to access the social network profiles of some of your prospects, react to their publications, and respond to their comments if the opportunity arises. Even if only for designing and sending emails, the help of a virtual assistant can save the day.

An assistant, what for?

When you think you have time for multiple things at once, there comes a time when you have to let go if you want to achieve next-level results. You should consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle the time-consuming and recurring tasks of converting prospects into customers. This allows you to lighten your schedule and place business development at the heart of your priorities.

Mission 1: collect data

Data collection can be divided into several stages, including the design of free offers, the technical implementation of their presentation, and information collection.

  • A remote assistant can manage the creation of white papers, organize webinars, help you prepare a masterclass, and more so that your website can present free offers that interest your visitors.
  • An online assistant can present the elements offered to encourage prospects to provide their contact details, primarily if your site works with an ergonomic CMS.
  • Subsequently, this assistant will manage the database of leads registered on your list. You are free to choose a CRM tool to help you optimize and facilitate the rest of the process

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Mission 2: manage lead scoring

Lead scoring is a rating method that allows the entire marketing and sales team to identify a lead’s maturity level. If all leads are not ready to buy at the time of registration, lead scoring makes it possible to situate each lead in their thought process and redirect them to the appropriate place in the sales funnel.

The scoring criteria will be configured from the start to give the lead a score based on their behavior after registration. It depends entirely on what you’re expecting.

A good place to start Lead Generation

  • Which articles is the lead interested in?
  • Are emails opened?
  • Which keywords are most searched for?

Depending on the criteria you have established and the lead qualification thresholds defined, you can transfer the qualified leads (matured leads) to the sales department, which will conclude the sale. You will then describe new lead nurturing strategies or lead qualification for those who still need content to influence purchasing considerations; likewise, you will reject the disqualified lead who did not meet your criteria.

Mission 3: do social monitoring

Posting content and interacting with your identified prospects is good for your business. However, you must always remain alert to what is being said about you. This helps you know what your audience expects from you and what they didn’t like about previous offers or interactions with your brand. Social monitoring then presents itself as an opportunity to understand the behavior of your buyer persona. You can use it to improve your products and services, create new connections with people, and generate more leads through social networks.

Sometimes, following the results of social monitoring, your method will be subject to modifications. Deploying a new lead acquisition strategy can be tedious; consider getting help. A web marketing virtual assistant lead generation can save you a lot of time and increase the ROI of your business.



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