Top 8 Reasons That Make Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Websites

Ever since the advent of smartphones, the dependency on desktops or laptops as the daily driver has significantly reduced. Initially, when mobile phones first came into existence, the mobile compatible versions of almost all the websites were released. However, with the advancement in technology and release of new operating systems for mobile phones mobile apps were launched.

Apple’ App Store and Android Play Store are two the most popular places or stores where people can find tons of apps for literally any genre. The reason for their popularity has been the ease by which they can be downloaded and made use of. Due to this aspect, in an app versus mobile website battle, an app always turns out to be victorious.

Below Are The Top 8 Reasons That Make Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Websites.

  1. User Engagement & Interaction

This is one of the foremost benefits of using a mobile app. These applications are developed specific to the respective devices and operating systems. Users are able to get what they want from the desired app on their fingertips. Like a website, there is no need to navigate through various tabs in order to search for something specific. This is the reason why mobile apps have become the choice of millions all over the world.

With a mobile app, a user gets to interact better with content. Many integrated sharing options increase the engagement of the users.

  1. Mobile Apps Can Be Personalized

With a mobile app, users get the liberty to customize the way in which an app behaves. They get to choose as to what they want to be served with. Many apps also offer content on the basis of a user’s frequent behaviors. These apps also have built-in GPS that tracks their location and offer them location specific content.

As a user, you can set your preferences at the time when you first install the app. This will enable the app to provide you with the content of your specific choice. By providing them with the content of their choice, there will be a higher selection of user engagement.

  1. Apps Can Even Function Offline

This is one feature where an app triumphs over a website. Where a website needs an Internet connection for loading an app even work offline. This is because all the updates are locally stored on the device in the form of cache. Yes, the apps also need a working Internet connection for their functioning but they have an added feature to read the content offline in places where Internet connection is not available.

Talking about mobile websites, they do have a feature of cached content however it is not as same to that of an app.

  1. Offer Better Potential for SEO

They are many benefits of SEO that will enable you to rank your app higher in the search engine results. The content that is available in-app will the indexed by the search engine crawlers. It is due to the deep links that will allow the app to rank similar to a mobile website. In most the cases an app will rank much higher than a website.

There are many aspects that are related to a getting a higher rank for SEO like the App Title, Keyword field, App Category, Description of the app.

  1. Provide Quick Access

When compared with a website, an app will enable you to perform the actions much faster with respect to a mobile website. In an app, all the data is stored on the mobile devices. However, in the case of websites, they make use of web servers. This is the reason why retrieving the data is much slower on a website than in apps.

The ability to segregate the content on the basis of the preferences set by the user will also enable him to save a lot of time. In some cases, apps also take some action on the part of the users.

  1. Provide Additional Functionalities

As these apps are installed on the mobile devices, they enjoy the additional functionalities of them. This is due to the compatibility of the apps with the features and the hardware of the device. Most of these features are not available on the websites and even if they are there may be some compatibility issues with the device. Some of the features like alerts, push notifications, image uploader, etc. are only restricted to the apps.

  1. Provide More Security

You can easily incorporate your apps with the existing systems of security. By doing this, you will be able to have an assurance regarding the security of your firm. This will make the entire process of sharing, accessing and modifying the data on the mobile devices a safe one.

In today’s time, every user wants to be connected to his organization from anywhere and at all the time. There are many apps that prove to be very effective in having a communication within a business firm and also with the clients.

  1. Apps Have More Users Than Websites

According to a survey, out of the time spent by mobile users on their mobile phones, a majority of that time is on the apps. Call it the ease of using the app or the added functionality, when we compare website vs. apps, apps come out as a winner. With the coming years, this time is only going to increase.

The main reason for this has been the social media and the gaming apps. People are glued to their smartphones literally the whole day using these apps.

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In The End

From the above reasons, you might have a clear idea why mobile apps outlast the mobile websites. Talking from the business perspective, you must consider developing an app if due to budget constraints developing both the app and the website is not possible.

I would love to have your views about the post in the comments section below.

Alana Berge

Alana has been working with Awebstar for over 6 years as a web developer, blogger, and amateur web designer. She is expert in iOS and Android Mobile App Development. While there are definitely better programmers out there, but if you are looking the way for a problem, she is sure to have the solution!

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6 thoughts on “Top 8 Reasons That Make Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Websites

  1. Great Blog Post Alana,
    Mobile Apps Are more fruitful to business as compared to sites as Personalization is the additional benefit and In App Advertising is another beneficial aspect of Mobile Apps.Appreciate your effort for writing a detailed analysis 🙂

  2. Great Blog Post,
    Mobile Apps Are more fruitful to business as compared to sites as Personalization is the additional benefit and In App Advertising is another beneficial aspect of Mobile Apps.Appreciate your effort for writing a detailed analysis

  3. Nice blog post,

    Mobile apps are becoming an important ingredient to attract customers attention. Therefore, number of online sites are developing mobile apps to cater mobile customers.

  4. Of course in our time who wants to sit in the browser and suffer with the scale of the site, when you can just download the applications and using the full functionality and receive notifications. So you are just right

  5. Hey Alana,

    Great Post!!!

    Today everything can be done on the mobile devices that we carry with us everywhere in our pockets.This has given rise to the mobile applications. Mobile applications make it easy for the user to get everything at their fingertips. They are better than the Web sites.You have very smartly explained the ways in which mobile application are better than Mobile Websites.

    Thanks for sharing such a knowledgable article and Keep Sharing!!!

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