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List of NetSuite add-ons to customize CRM and ERP solutions

NetSuite add-ons are highly effective tools that can assist you in major ways when you are looking to adopt the NetSuite CRM...

List of NetSuite add-ons to customize CRM and ERP solutions

NetSuite add-ons are highly effective tools that can assist you in major ways when you are looking to adopt the NetSuite CRM (customer relationship management) systems and NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems to effectively cater to your business needs, targets and processes. Nevertheless, it is very important to select the proper add ons for any kind of task that you may want to use for your NetSuite. This is especially true if you lack a team of experienced NetSuite developers on your side.

So here is a list of NetSuite add-ons that you should consider choosing from when you want to make the most of the tools and features offered by the NetSuite customer relationship management and NetSuite enterprise resource planning systems. All of these NetSuite addons mentioned below are recommended by some of the leading software development companies in India

NetSuite Services Resource Planning

NetSuite Services Resource Planning works as an end-to-end powerful resource planning solution that can help in streamlining your operations so that you can achieve more profits simply by optimizing your company’s service-based business lifecycle.

NetSuite Project Management 

NetSuite Project Management is an add-on that you must have when you are looking to benefit from integrated project management. It can also provide tracking as well as reporting capabilities which can enable you to improve your productivity. Additionally, you can also maintain greater control of all project accounting tasks.

NetSuite OneWorld

With the help of the NetSuite OneWorld, you can have greater control over your business and this can guarantee your better managing capacities. If your company has a global presence, this NetSuite add-on can help you to smoothly manage multiple business units, subsidiaries, and legal entities, thereby driving operational efficiency as well as ensuring real-time visibility into all of your current global operations.

NetSuite add-ons suited for Revenue and Accounting Management

Advanced Revenue Management 

Advanced Revenue Management module is an award-winning financial software for NetSuite which can enable you to be compliant with the changing and evolving standards of the revenue management industry. It can also help you to analyze all kinds of real-time revenue data so that you can increase your profitability.

MultiBook Accounting

The MultiBook Accounting add-on can assist you to report financial results while being compliant with numerous accounting standards. It can also make it easier for you to optimize your financial close process.

Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Asset Management add-on can make it easier for you to manage and coordinate the complete lifecycle of your company’s assets, smoothly integrate it with the accounting system as well as eliminate all manual calculations and resulting spreadsheets from your revenue and asset management process.


SuiteBilling the cloud-based billing component of NetSuite that can enhance the transparency of your billing processes. The wide ranges of features that come with SuiteBilling include flexible pricing rules, consolidated invoicing as well as automated rating processes.

NetSuite add-ons meant for resource and inventory management

NetSuite Warehouse Management System 

NetSuite Warehouse Management System can help you to come up with innovative strategies for space savings, lower labor costs, and cycle count reduction. You can also benefit from greater levels of customer satisfaction and higher operational efficiency by bringing down shipping errors to the minimum. 

NetSuite Advanced Order Management 

NetSuite Advanced Order Management can enhance omnichannel order management while at the same time assist you to boost fulfillment across all the sales channels you have.

NetSuite Advanced Inventory

NetSuite Advanced Inventory provides a wide range of capabilities that can help in optimizing inventory levels and their availability.

NetSuite Work Orders & Assemblies 

NetSuite Work Orders & Assemblies can make it easier for you to accomplish more by making use of existing production resources and optimize the inventory levels as you meet your customer expectations perfectly.

NetSuite Demand Planning 

With the help of the NetSuite Demand Planning add-on, you can make inventory management and inventory forecasting more precise and flexible by leveraging sales forecasts and historical data. 

The above-mentioned add ons can really make it a lot simpler for you, that is why IT firms that are providing Netsuite development services strongly recommend you to use NetSuite add-ons when you are looking to use the NetSuite ERP and CRM systems for the benefit of your own company.


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