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Glean Staggering Insights Into Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

If you are a sports fan, you would definitely hear of the elegance and fun of fantasy sports platforms. Fantasy sports apps...


If you are a sports fan, you would definitely hear of the elegance and fun of fantasy sports platforms. Fantasy sports apps like Dream 11, Bet 356, Net Bet, and many are the center of attraction among sports and gaming enthusiasts.

Fantasy sports are a new wave of gaming that is attracting millions of users and sports enthusiasts. And! Why not, fantasy sports are an amazing gaming application that keeps gaming enthusiasts hooked for hours.

Believe me, if you are a fledgling entrepreneur or thinking about developing an app to earn huge revenue, creating a fantasy sports app can turn out the best decision.

Thus, in this article, we would take an in-depth glance at fantasy sports culture and app development like Dream 11. So, stay hooked with me till the end of this article.

Fantasy Sports App: A Rising Trend Among Gen-Z

In the last five years, the digit of fantasy app users has doubled. Moreover, new fantasy sports apps have also opened up a new industry for investors and entrepreneurs. As a top software outsourcing company, we are receiving great demand for fantasy app development and numerous question regarding their development cost.

Glean Staggering Insights Into Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

Following are some statistics that would also help you understand how fantasy sports apps are creating a frenzy. 

  • 81% males and 19% female contribute to the fantasy app players. 
  • Nearly 4.7 million users play fantasy sports every day. 
  • 89% of Indian sports enthusiasts like to play fantasy sports games. 
  • 65% of sports fans in the USA play fantasy sports on a mobile application.

In short, fantasy sports app has become a trend among sports lovers. Why are these applications popular? Why are people growing more inclined to these applications?

Well! There are several reasons people are getting attracted to fantasy sports apps. Let’s learn why these apps are creating a frenzy.

  • Fantasy sports provide thrills like real games and are highly competitive for like-minded fans who face each other over apps, and websites.
  • Competition of fans over fantasy sports app for winning championship boost adventure and zeal.
  • The game makes players the owner of the team, and users think that they can manage the team better.
  • The game leagues allow users to buy players, set lineups, and make adjustments.
  • Fantasy sports app allow you to make friends during the game that can last for a long time to play games. 

If you want to create a fantasy sports app to leverage the opportunity, you must pick up mobile app development services to kick-start your project.

These all are the major reasons for the popularity of fantasy sports app. I am sure you would also be eager to invest in such an application that can attract millions of users and can bring in huge revenue.

But! The question is how to create a fantasy sports app like Dream 11. 

Don’t ponder much!

I will explain everything.

But! Before knowing that, you must know how many types of fantasy sport you can create in 2021. 

Different Types Of Fantasy Cricket Apps You Can Develop In the Current Arena 

Types Based On Playing Mode:

  • Scoring-based game
  • Daily & weekly game
  • League-based game type
  • Draft-based game type

Types Based On Games:

  • Fantasy Cricket App 
  • Fantasy soccer app 
  • Fantasy rugby application
  • Fantasy basketball app 
  • Fantasy football application 
  • Fantasy Kabaddi app 
  • Fantasy golf app 
  • Fantasy baseball app 

Popular fantasy sports apps are Dream 11, DraftKings, Daily Draft, Fanduel, Yahoo Daily, StarsDraft, and more.

Glean Staggering Insights Into Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

How To Create A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream 11?

Every business owner expects to generate great revenue through the business while investing in any new idea. You, too, would want to know how you can generate revenue through fantasy sports apps.

So let’s take a glance at the revenue generation model of fantasy sports app before you hire developers to begin your project. 

There are different types of revenue models you can follow while developing your fantasy sports app. Moreover, it is very critical to decide on your revenue model prior to creating your application.

#1. Commission Fee

The commission fee is the most common revenue model in fantasy sports app where the app charges some money on each league or game the user plays. Actually, the fantasy app only rewards 80% of the total league to the winner and secures 20% of the collect reward as the commission fee. Dream 11 is based on this mechanism.

#2. Subscription Fee

The subscription fee is a new model of revenue generation in fantasy sports where a user can subscribe to monthly or yearly premium services. In this model, the app has fewer commission charges on leagues. However, this model is not very popular but turns out successful for some platforms like HalaPlay.

#3. Revenue Via Advertising

Fantasy sports have millions of users. Thus, these platforms have a good opportunity for a business to promote their brand or product, especially if their product is related to sports. Some of the applications are using this revenue generation model, but needless to say that this revenue model has great opportunities.

These are the major model of revenue generation models that you can follow for your mobile and web app development for fantasy sports. Once you have picked on the revenue model, it is time to decide on features that your fantasy cricket app, like Dream 11 should have. Following are some features that you would need to infuse in your fantasy sports app.

Features Of Fantasy Sport App

  • User Registration/Login: The first and main feature is login and registration of contestants. You can allow users to login into the app via username, email ID, and contact number. In contrast, each user will use a password to login to the app securely. Here you can also infuse two-step authentication for increased security and reward people who come through referrals. Infusing referral code is a great way to increase the reach of the application.
  • Match listing: Now, when users complete login, they would be carried to a home screen where the list of app matches would be displayed. Moreover, users can search for specific sports-type matches by a given filter. This filter can include games like Cricket, Football, NBA, and more.

Now you can show up match categories: upcoming matches, Live matches, Results.

In contrast, match listing can also include Tournament Name, Team 1, Team 2 & Match Timing. Once the person has selected the desired match, he/she will redirect to the contest screen. 

  • Contest Screen: On this screen, you need to display the listing of the entire contest for matches with the option for filter contest by entry fee range, winning range, contest size, size of contest. Later on, contest listing will include contest type, entry fee, contest name, winning amount, etc. Here user can select the desired contest and join.
Contest Screen
  • Payment Option: Once the contestant joins the contest, now comes the time to pay the contest fee. Here you would need to include an online payment gateway that will allow payment through Credit/Debit Card, Payment Wallets, Application Wallets, Or Referral Cash bonus points.
  • Create Contest: You can also enable users to create their own contest with a single tap. For creating content, you can ask them to fill in information like Contest Name, Winning Amount (Min & Max), Contest Size (Min 2 & Max 100), Entry Fee (it is calculated on the basis of price amount & contest size selected), Enable Multiple teams to play (yes/no), Join Contest, Invite friends, and more.
  • Contest Profile/My Contest: Under this section, users can view the list of the contest they have joined. Here they can also edit & view their team players and use filter to search match types. (Note: users cannot update team players after a certain time limit before match playtime, later the owner of the application will manage it.
  • Dashboard (User Profile): This section will enable users to view and update their profile details. Moreover, in this section, you will include reward points, total balance, winning amount, cash bonus, transaction, Add money, manage payment, withdraw winning amount, and many other options. This feature will avail the user to view and edit everything related to his/her profile.

Apart from these, you can also have other features like Live Match Score, Push Notification, Real-Time Analytics, GPS Location Tracking, and more. Moreover, having an admin panel is essential to manage the app perfectly from scratch.

Cost Of Fantasy Sports App Development

Once the features are decided, you must be wondering about the cost of fantasy sports app development. Well! It is arduous to tell the exact cost of development as various factors affect the development cost. 

The cost of development is affected by the following aspects :

  1. Hourly price of the developer 
  2. Use of technology to create the application 
  3. The number of features to be created. 
  4. Third-party API Cost 
  5. The time required to develop the application 

The biggest triggering factor is the hourly price of developers; while you can hire Indian developers at the rate of $25-$100/ hour, American developers ask for $100-$200/hour. And! This counts for a great difference in application development. Moreover, hours of development also affect the cost, including the complexity of features. 

Wrapping UP

Creating a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 is a strenuous task for both developer and business owner, as you require to think over various features & app user experience. This app can’t be prepared overnight; it requires continuous efforts and time. 

You would require to rework again and again to cater a one-of-kind application to your target audience. Thus, you need to partner with a deft software outsourcing company with hands-on experience in fantasy sports app development like Dream 11. An expert & skilled team can craft a splendid app experience for your target users. 


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