Disney+ Hotstar Handbook Introduces OTT Advertising Insights

Disney+ Hotstar, India’s top streaming platform, has introduced a handbook to enhance the brand building and named “Winning in the OTT era...

Disney+ Hotstar, India’s top streaming platform, has introduced a handbook to enhance the brand building and named “Winning in the OTT era with Disney+ Hotstar. This guide imparts insights from analyzing more than 200 campaigns. This Disney+ Hotstart handbook comprehensively explains why marketers should incorporate OTT into their strategies.

Developed in partnership with industry experts such as Kantar, Integral Ad Science, Mediasmart, Neurons, and Metrix Lab, the playbook outlines fundamental media planning regulations and creative best techniques for video ads. It enables advertisers to move beyond standard advertising by collaborating with Disney+ Hotstar’s CreativeWorks team for tailored, contextually impactful campaigns. The handbook also shares tips on leveraging connected TVs (CTV) as a source to engage with potential customers effectively.

Their official statement

“The evolving landscape of advertising demands brands to adopt OTT platforms. The company has been a frontrunner in the dynamic OTT industry, consistently innovating for exceptional experiences. We’re thrilled to introduce the ‘Winning in The OTT Era with Disney+ Hotstar’ playbook. It unveils the success recipe, empowering advertisers to tap into our platform’s full potential and maximize campaign impact. Developed with enterprise experts, the guide provides crucial guidance for data-driven findings, enhancing advertising ROI significantly,” shared Ajit Varghese, Disney Star’s Head of Network – Ad Sales.

Disney+ Hotstar Handbook

Disney+ Hotstar Handbook Details

The handbook outlines critical practices for brands to boost their ROIs when promoting with Disney+ Hotstar Handbook:

  • Drives with three or more video ads excel in favorability, purchase intent, and driving brand awareness.
  • The campaigns showcasing more than 20-second ads have been hitting the bullseye in terms of success.
  • When these are blended into midroll campaigns alongside other innovative formats, there’s a remarkable 30% surge in effectively conveying brand messages and driving purchases.
  • Stepping up the frequency to six or more times further amplifies the impact, improves brand attention by 50%, and boosts investment intent by 70%.
  • Longer campaigns (over six weeks) produce higher success in lower and upper funnel metrics.

Campaigns adhering to these techniques on Disney+ Hotstar achieved a 10% increased success rate compared to Kantar’s industry benchmarks for digital campaigns.

Let’s delve into some standout case studies that highlight these strategies in action:

  • During Season 7 of Koffee With Karan, sponsors experienced a remarkable 3X uplift by integrating their brand into the show and crafting branded vignettes. This move spiked brand awareness and significantly boosted online ad attention, message association, and purchase intent.
  • Dance+ new season sponsors also struck gold by capitalizing on impactful advertising within the show, securing double the organic value. This achievement is a testament to the most thriving campaigns within the industry.
  • Tanishq’s collaboration on the reality series “The Great Indian Bride” with Disney+ Hotstar CreativeWorks took a creative leap in reaching modern brides. The outcome? A staggering fivefold increase in buy intent and a substantial 2.3x uptick in brand awareness.


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