Galaxy Book4 Ultra is Samsung’s New Laptop Powered by AI

Galaxy Book4 Ultra is Samsung’s New Laptop Powered by AI

Galaxy Book4 Ultra is the newest release by leading tech giant Samsung. The new laptop has been stated to be powered by AI technology which will deliver top performance. 

Samsung is exploring the field of AI with its new release, and the company is expected to integrate more AI technology into its devices in the coming future, following competitors such as Apple and Google. 

Galaxy Book4 Ultra Features 

The AI-powered laptop comes with the latest Intel Core Ultra 9/7 Processor and is also equipped with a new security chip called the Samsung Knox. The graphics card in this new launch is NVIDIA GeForce RTX, with features such as a touchscreen and Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. The Book4 has a 16-inch display but it is quite thin and lightweight making it easy to carry around. It also has an excellent battery life with a powerful 140W fast charging adapted. 

The newly launched laptop also has the feature of allowing phones to be used as a second connected camera. There are also features which are powered by AI  such as the AI enhanced Studio effects and Photo Remaster. 

The LE Audio and LC3 codec enhance listening and audio call quality. The laptop also boasts an AI Noise Cancelling feature which increases the audio for video calls. 

There is also an option for users to utilise their Galaxy Book4 Ultra with other models through the ‘Second Screen’. 

The Galaxy Book4 Ultra retails for $1,899 and it recently saw its release in India.


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