Gemini AI in Gmail: The New AI-Powered Tool in Gmail

Gemini AI in Gmail: The New AI-Powered Tool in Gmail

Gemini AI is now available in Gmail as a Summarise this email feature. Google briefly showed the Gemini AI’s integration in Gmail during the I/O developer event in May 2024. 

This new feature is powered by the Gemini 1.5 Pro Large Language Model. It can be accessed on Gmail’s side panel as a star sign. Google extends this side panel to tools such as Sheets, Drive Docs and Slides. 

Gemini in Gmail: Features of the new feature

Gemini AI in Gmail can help users draft an email or even use AI to generate responses to an email. There is a ‘Summarise this email’ tool that provides users with a quick rundown of the content present in the email. Additionally, users can ask Gemini questions and retrieve information that is available in the content of the emails within users’ inboxes or drives. 

The AI assistant can also construct answers to specific questions by putting together information found in the emails. For instance, users can ask, “When is my next scheduled meeting with X company?”, Gemini will scour through previous emails and provide the appropriate answers. 

Google Docs allows users to use the Gemini side panel to write content and brainstorm ideas with users. Gemini utilises information available in other files to create new content. 

With the AI tech integration into Google, Slides will offer users the option to generate new slides and images and the ability to summarise presentations. Similarly, Sheets will allow users to make tables with the help of the AI feature. 

Gemini is currently available only for Google Workspace customers who are subscribed to models such as Gemini Business and Enterprise add-on, Gemini Education and Education Premium add-on and Google Open AI Premium. 

Gemini in Gmail will be available on Android, iOS and web browsers. 


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