Google Releases Lighthouse 11 For PageSpeed Insights

Google Releases Lighthouse 11 For PageSpeed Insights

A new version of Lighthouse has been added to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. latest audits, bug fixes, and score adjustments are included in the latest edition.

Lighthouse is an open-source measurement tool that aids in troubleshooting issues with website performance.

Additionally, it is the technology behind PageSpeed Insights and other tools that gauge essential online metrics. On August 28th, Google made available the most recent version, Lighthouse 11.

Interaction Next Paint (INP)

A new metric called Interaction to Next Paint (INP) assesses the whole website’s interactivity. It used to be an experimental metric, but in May of this year, Google took it out of the experimental category.

As a result, it will officially become a Core Web Vital in 2024. INP is no longer an experiment, as is officially reflected by the change in Lighthouse 11.

Fix for the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) score issue LCP diagnostic feedback indicated a score error, which was an issue that was introduced in Lighthouse 10.2.0.

The GitHub error report states:

On every page, including your own (, the message “Largest Contentful Paint element Error!” is displayed.

When utilising PageSpeed Insights, there appears to be an issue with Lighthouse 10.2.0, the most recent version.

Accessibility Checkups

The current state of website accessibility as a ranking element and a quality signal is that it is not one.

Nevertheless, it’s a recommended practice for a website to work well for as many users as feasible. It benefits society and, in the end, benefits the business’s bottom line.


The image-redundant-alt audit seeks to find alternative text that is unnecessary since it appears next to text that already states it.

When a button’s alt-text reads “Click Here” and the same text (click here) is also present beneath the button, this is an example of redundancy. The alt-text and the text, click here, click here, will be read out by a screen reader.


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