Google Reveals Google AdSense & Analytics 4 Integration

Google has recently announced that they are now allowing the integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties with AdSense accounts. This new...

Google has recently announced that they are now allowing the integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties with AdSense accounts. This new update enables AdSense data to be accessible within GA4 reports and explorations. It results in a more comprehensive understanding of website performance.

Connecting Google Adsense with GA4

You can get a full picture of your website traffic, user behavior, etc., by combining GA4 with Adsense. This valuable information helps to identify patterns and gain insights that contribute to optimizing ad revenue.

With the integration, Google Analytics can now automatically gather specific events related to ad clicks, impressions, and queries. For a complete and accurate report of how ads are going, then connecting events with 360 properties is for you.

Furthermore, this integration resolves the previous discrepancies observed when integrating Universal Analytics with AdSense.

Google Adsense with GA4

How Will It Work?

The integration between GA4 and AdSense relies on several important processes, including shared IDs, automated event collection, and data merging.

GA4 and AdSense tags talk to each other using shared IDs to make sure everything works well together. This lets each ad impression matches with its related GA4 event. It ensures that the logged IDs for an event and the ad effect are the same in both GA4 and AdSense.

In this connection, the ad_impression and ad_click events send data to GA4, while the ad_query event merges the data.

GA4 also joins its data with the log files from AdSense by using shared IDs. It helps to match Analytics data with AdSense data.

 This merging process leverages the available information and configuration settings for each event occurrence.

Once the Google AdSense reporting integration is configured correctly, the revenue data from AdSense becomes accessible in the main menu of the GA4.

How should experts handle dependencies?

Although the integration between AdSense and Analytics enhances, there might still be inconsistencies between reports in the AdSense account and the AdSense section of Analytics.

These disparities can arise due to factors such as iframes, security or blocking software, recent AdSense/Analytics integration changes, differences in timezone settings, and instances where Analytics data is missing.

To mitigate potential issues, ensuring that the Google tag is properly set up on your website is crucial. 

By following these recommendations and addressing any potential technical hurdles, you can maximize the accuracy and reliability of the integration between AdSense and Analytics.


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