Google’s Guidelines For Paid Guest Posts

Google's Guidelines For Paid Guest Posts

Google’s John Mueller responded to a query regarding paying for guest articles and provided sound guidance on handling paid guest posts in a way that Google will accept.

Guest Posts Most Recent History

Whether paid or unpaid, guest posting is a dated strategy that has long had all of its “link juice” drained out to the rind. Google’s Matt Cutts advised SEOs to “put a fork in it,” claiming that guest blogging has reached its expiration date, in a blog post from 2014.

A few months later, Google levied a number of fines on platforms for guest blogging as well as individuals. Including one on the website of an SEO who had only written five guest pieces. Google no longer issues penalties like it formerly did.

The links’ ability to convey PageRank is simply stopped. Because of this, it is difficult to tell whether a connection is active or not. People continue to post as guests because there isn’t any response regarding penalties.

John Mueller of Google on compensated guest posting

A participant in a Google SEO Office Hours recording stated that they must pay the websites. They contact for guest posts.

Even though the paid guest post was “valuable content,” they were curious as to whether doing so was against Google policy.

Guest Posts That Cost Money Are Advertising

Mueller raises a crucial point: Paid guest articles are advertising. He’s accurate. Paid guest posts with links are viewed as ads by Google.

This observation is significant because it shows how misleading advertisements are. Maybe and how failing to mark them can lead to legal violations.

The question of whether something is legal or not should be discussed with a lawyer because there are nuances to the distinction between what is lawful and what is prohibited.


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