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The Top 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging

We all know the benefits of guest blogging for other people. There are benefits such as gaining access to the host bloggers...

Benefits of guest blogging

We all know the benefits of guest blogging for other people. There are benefits such as gaining access to the host bloggers audience, getting a search engine friendly backlink, and getting to spread your brand message within another blogger’s market sector.

But, what are the benefits for the host blogger?

Why have guest bloggers write posts for you?

Below are ten benefits of guest blogging for having a guest blogger write a piece for your blog. This top ten list assumes that you are posting top-quality blog content and that you are not accepting poor quality content or copied content.

1. You Get Free Content on Your Website

The most obvious benefit is that you get free content on your website or blog. If you have ever tried paying for blog content, then you will know the value of top quality blog content. You will also know how long it takes to produce top quality content and how much value it adds to your blog. Don’t accept content that diminishes the overall quality of your blog…do the opposite.

2. You Can ask Your Guest Poster to Share Links On  his Social Media

This is one of the best benefits of having guest bloggers post articles on your website, and yet so many webmasters and blog masters forget it. Having your guest poster share a link to his or her article will help him/her to get the page indexed more quickly by Google, and it exposes your blog to a whole new crowd of new people. If your guest poster has even a small social media following, the exposure is worth more than the article itself. Sharing on the guest poster’s social media means people are not only going to know that you have a website but doing this can also help you to get more likes on your post and increase social presence.

3. Your Guest Poster’s Followers May Visit Your Website Too

People who follow your guest poster may be tempted to visit your blog. They may explore your blog, and they may even become fans. They may visit your other posts and share those posts themselves. Your guest poster’s visitors may not simply view a single post and leave; they may become loyal fans of yours. Thus leading you to have one more subscriber to your list.

4. Your Guest Poster May Be An Expert In An Area That You Are Not

Maybe you are an expert in your blog genre, but you do not know everything. You may be a top expert in the field of childcare first aid, but there are things you do not know about tropical diseases or certain drugs and how they affect children. A guest poster may be able to add value to your blog by adding content that you couldn’t write yourself.

5. Having The Occasional Guest Post Helps Take The Pressure Off You

If you are a regular blogger, then you probably feel a sense of unease whenever you leave your blog for too long. Instead of worrying about your next blog post, have a guest poster write it for you, and then all you have to do is check it and upload it. It takes the pressure off you for a week, especially if you run a blog where you are unable to write articles long in advance of their publication date.

6. Guest Posts Give Your Blog A Needed Shot Of Fresh Ideas And Opinions

Maybe your guest blogger doesn’t know as much as you, but your guest blogger may give your blog a fresh shot of new ideas and opinions. Maybe you are a Trump hater, and maybe your followers agree with you, but you have to remember that over 50% of people in the US voted for him, so having a guest post from a Trump follower may help to invigorate your blog readers who are Trump followers. It may help stop you from alienating a part of your core audience who do not agree with your opinions.

7. Some Guest Posters Have A Large Writing Pool And Many Resources

Your guest blogger may not be a spotty young girl who is locked in her bedroom because she has no friends. Your guest blogger may be part of a writing network or part of a writing circle. Such a writer may have access to information that you do not, such as when the next Rick & Morty season is coming out, why Kill Bill 3 was shelved, and which companies are about to be exposed for having underpaid their employees for three running quarters.

8. Build A Relationship With Writers Who May Mention And Link To You

Agree to let a guest poster write on your blog, make a connection, and let your guest poster explore your website, and your guest poster may start linking to your website in the future. Writers and bloggers link to a host of different websites for a host of different reasons. For example, some programming blogs link to Wibit because it taught them how to code without charging a fee, and others may link to a certain social media profile because it made them feel better during a sad time in their life. Making connections with other writers is always a good idea because if they like you, then they will look for reasons to link to you or mention you when they are writing their articles.

9. Some Websites Make Money By Selling Guest Post Positions

It is sleazy, and Google will penalize you if they find out you are doing it, but some websites tell guest posters that they may post articles on their website with a followed link if they pay. For example, European soccer websites were charging around 600 Euros per link during the last soccer world cup season. It is very sleazy, but some people still charge for backlinks. In the guest blogging Nofollow or Dofollow links doesn’t matter, what matter is reaching more people and getting more traffic.

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10. Links And Backlinks Here And Back Again

People are always searching for blogs and websites that accept guest posts, which is why websites pop up like this guest posting website that exposes which blogs and which websites are currently accepting guest posts. The whole point of guest posting is to get a followed link back to your website or blog. As the host, there is little benefit in directing a link to another website, but there is a tiny benefit. Google expects websites to naturally link out to other websites, so having a few links pointing here and there is a good thing. At the very least it helps to show that your website is keen to be part of the online community.

Written by William Grigsby
William Grigsby is part of a writing circle that covers hundreds of different topics. William is best known for his academic essays, but he also writes about Social Media, SEO, and content marketing. Follow him on Twitter @willgrgsb

9 Replies to “The Top 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging”

  1. Fantastic Post!!

    Guest blogging is the quick way to drive a ton of visitors and enhance brand awareness. It is crucial to keep the guest post informative in order to engage the audience.

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. All the points are covered in this article. It will be really helpful. Guest posting is a very important part of link building to increase traffic and backlinks of a website.
    The difficult and important part of guest posting is to find relevant websites that accept guest posting. To make it easy, I have made https://www.guestpostengine.com in which anyone can find websites according to their category. I hope it will be helpful for bloggers.

    Thanks again for this great article.

  3. Great points William.

    Guest posting is a great way to expand your blog, content and audience. By trying to invite guest posts on your site, you can attract a ton of people who’re interesting in guest posting for your site.

    Just make sure to focus only on publishing great content that actually adds value to your audience. It also gives you enough freedom and free time to publish great content without spending much time on content creation.

    Keep rocking.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information was really helpful. Now it will increase the visitors to my website

  5. Guest blogging is a great way to show your knowledge to people and also good for link building. I also recommend that to my readers.

  6. Hey William!

    Guest blogging rocks!

    It is a great way to network with other bloggers and grow your blog. It benefits both, the host and the guest.

    I have new guest bloggers at my blog all the time. Of course, you want to take good care of the content you publish. You must have good guideline and make sure you always double-check the content from your guest authors.

    I can’t think of one bad thing about guest blogging. It can only benefit you IF you do it right and with consistency!

    Thank you for sharing this man!

    Best regards! 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing this post! This will help to increase the visitors of our websites. I do agree with these tips like to building a relationship with other writers that might mention and link to other bloggers and will give you some fresh opinions and new ideas. Again thanks for sharing this wonderful article!

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