Humane AI Pin – Worst Product Ever?

Humane AI Pin has recently received quite a notice across the internet after a critical review by Tech reviewer MKBHD. Humane AI...

Humane AI Pin

Humane AI Pin has recently received quite a notice across the internet after a critical review by Tech reviewer MKBHD.

Humane AI Pin is a wearable device that can perform generative AI tasks. It was launched in November without much hype. However, last week the tech YouTuber MKBHD reviewed the product which made it go viral all over the internet. Marques is seen in the video being completely honest about the product and to some extent calling it “the worst product I’ve ever reviewed”.

What Does Humane AI Pin Do?

It is a small wearable device with an AI built in to help you through your daily tasks. The AI gadget also consists of a built-in projector. It costs $700 with subscription options. The device does not connect to your smartphone. The Humane AI Pin is capable of answering queries similar to Gemini or Google Assistant, like “What is the day Today”, and “When is the Knicks game?” etc. The device has a strong aluminum built with notification lights on top. The built-in projector allows you to use the pin using hand gestures similar to the ones observed in Apple Vision Pro.

One of the unique features of the Humane AI Pin that makes it unique from other AI devices is its capability to interact and like an assistant. The AI is powerful enough to translate languages within seconds. The product includes charging options to allow users to recharge it when drained.

MKBHD’s Review on Humane AI Pin

Marques Brownlee is no stranger to the tech world. Marques is known for his attention to detail and quality reviews. His attention to detail and quality delivery is more like his brand value. Marques has made a huge impact on brand sales just by his reviews.

On 16th April Marques also known as MKBHD uploaded a video on his channel titled “The Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed … For Now”. The video was about Marques reviewing the Humane AI Pin. Although Marques did mention a lot of good features about the product, from calling it unique to appreciating its built quality. But overall his review seemed more like him slamming down the product. According to MKBHD, the Humane AI Pin is a product that has a lot of work left. It is slow and seems to take a lot of time to respond due to the cloud network it’s built on.

Marques at the end of his video mentions a unique way of using the device which he appreciated and felt could be a change in the whole game-changer in the AI circle. Marques adds on how the product can draft things for you like other Gen AIs. Hence, since it is a wearable device one could easily draft important ideas, work reminders, etc on the go.

Why Did This Become Viral?

This event became viral on the internet as a question on the tech reviewers. People have started raising questions about whether big tech reviewers have enough power to slam upon small upcoming companies. On social media, several tech entrepreneurs criticized Brownlee’s video title calling it “clickbait”. However, Marques concluded by saying that the AI Pin has “a long way to go” before it becomes properly usable, and said to “never buy a product based on the future promise of updates to it.”

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