Snapchat’s Personalisation Updates for Snapchat+

Snapchat’s Personalisation Updates for Snapchat+

Snapchat’s personalisation updates have been announced by the company. The new update includes features which allow users to experience a more personal and customised experience. The recent update is more catered for Snapchat+ users but there are features which are free for all. 

The company has reported that over 9 million users are subscribed to Snapchat+. The paid subscription provides users with pre-releases, closer connections with friends, app customisation and first dibs at trying out Snapchat’s most advanced features.  

Snapchat’s Personalisation Updates and Its Features

Users can design a custom house on Snap Map which is viewable to the user and the friends they share their location with. Users can personalise their house however they want. Pets will now be seen with users’ Bitmojis in the chats as they type. 

Users can also send super-fast Snaps to their friend’s list. Users can also post to their Stories with time limits that end after .10,.25 and .50 seconds.

There are also features available for free for all users. The new update includes the feature for users to look at themselves in a live mirror to help build Bitmojis that look accurate to users. 

Users can also utilise AI-powered lenses such as the “My 5-Year Old Self” which turns users into five-year-old versions of themselves. 


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