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How To do a Reverse Image Search?

The image search function allows you to search on a topic and find images related to it. Almost every search engine offers...

How To Reverse Image Search

The image search function allows you to search on a topic and find images related to it. Almost every search engine offers this great feature. But if you want to know the origin of an image or want to find similar images, what would you do? Here’s a reverse image search that works.

On reverse image search, Google is a breeze on desktop computers. 

For reverse image search on a desktop computer

  • Go to images.google.com.
  • You can paste the URL of any image present on the internet, or
  • Click on the camera icon and then go to upload an image.
  • And upload images from your storage.

By doing this, you will get its origin, similar images, and information related to the picture you uploaded.

When you are on a mobile device and want to reverse an image search, here’s a solution below.

Reverse Image Search on Mobile

Google Reverse Image Search

Google builds a reverse image search on mobile phones, but it is not as user-friendly as on desktop computers, even though on a limited basis.

On Mobile, when you go to images.google.com you wouldn’t get a camera icon on the search bar. You have to open the desktop version on your mobile device to perform this task. It also works on Safari but performs best on chrome apps (On both IOS and Android).

In Safari, click on the AA icon and select the request desktop site; while on Chrome, tap on the three dots menu on the top right of your screen and select the request desktop site. By doing this, both browsers will load the desktop version of any site you open. Then Go to images.google.com. You will get a camera icon to upload images from your gallery.

How To Reverse Image Search

Chrome also supports workaround image search depending upon your device. While watching any image on your browser, Hold the image and select search with google lens. This will bring out similar pictures of that image. ( It only works with Chrome, Not even in Google and not in Safari).

If somehow that doesn’t work, Simply hold the image and select open in the new tab and then copy the URL and paste it to images.google.com for results. By doing either method, your results will appear; you have to click to all sizes if you only want to see images only and not any other information. You will also get options to limit your query, such as discovering Gifs, Clip-Art, or looking for any color scheme used in the image.

Google Lens

Google Lens, which is a part of the Google ecosystem, offers a reverse image search option in its own app. The lens is more about helping you to perform quick tasks like Instant Translation, Finding the origin of any image, etc.

Bing Visual Search

Bing from Microsoft also offers its users a reverse image search which is known as Visual Search. Works on both IOS and Android.

  • Open the Bing app or go to bing.com in any mobile browser.
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • A pop will appear for your camera permission; accept or decline.
  • Or Click on the gallery symbol on the bottom left if you want to upload an image.
  • You can choose from recent or browse an image from your storage.
How To do a Reverse Image Search?

A user can also click an image and immediately search on the Bing app ( Both IOS and Android). You can also scan QR codes and any text or math problem.

Third-Party Search Engines

A few search engines are specially made for reverse image search, but some of them do not directly work with your web browser or smartphone. 


how to reverse google image search

It crawled around 46 Billion images. This search engine allows you to search via URL, Drag, and Drop on the desktop, and upload. You can do a reverse search by uploading an image from your storage or third-party apps or by pasting a URL in your mobile browser on Tineye.


It’s a Russian search engine that looks like a big goes a bit Cyrillic comes with a unique image search that works right from the browser on mobile devices.

Here’s how to use Yandex :

  • Go to www.yandex.com.
  • Click the image section on the home page.
  • Then tap on the camera icon.
  • You can paste the URL, upload from the computer or drag and drop from third-party apps also.

There are also some search engines that are made specifically for helping creatives to find out if their creative idea is getting stolen or not. You can Check out Berify and Pixsy. This might cost you. The site will track your stolen images automatically and offline and will alert you if any of your images are being used without your permission. 

Apps for Reverse Image Search

If your reverse image search need is constant, it is better for you to keep an image search tool on your phone all the time.

Here are some free reverse image tools available on IOS and Android are given below:

CamFind (For Both IOS and Android)

It is a basic app for taking pics from your smartphone and finding similar images, Also give price comparisons if it’s a product shot.

Search By Image (Android only)

You can make changes to an image all you want before uploading it to any reverse image search engine.

Reversee (IOS only)

This app directly sends your image to the Google Image database and provides you with the results. For Yandex and Bing, you need to go for the pro version (Costs $3.99).

Extension for Reverse Image Search

It’s not an app you are going through but rather an app that adds extension to your other apps. It will put an extension button inside your photos, Facebook, E-commerce app, or any other app you want. So with a copy or send, you can also search and image whale surfing. Results from Google, Yandex, and TinEye will appear on your browser.


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