New Apps Available Now on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

The recently launched Apple Vision Pro gets a major update which might boost its user experience. The device will now have more installable apps apart from the stock Vision OS apps.

Around 1000 New Apps

It has not even been a month since Apple launched its VR space computing revolutionary headset, the Vision Pro. In the first weeks of the launch itself, the Vision Pro received a well-received response from the audience. It has managed to create a buzz around all sorts of tech influencers from every corner of the globe. Also taking into consideration its collaboration with Tesla, A good amount of Tesla Truck owners are found to have shown interest in buying the Vision Pro.

Although even with so much to celebrate and to talk about there was still a lot left with the vision pro that needed work. A thing to remember is that the Vision Pro costs around $3500. But for that much amount of money, Apple seemed to have missed out on user experience when it came to productivity.

But the doubt seems to have been cleared out. All questions are now answered by Apple. The Vision Pro will now have around up to 1000 installable apps. Which will not only improve the user experience but boost productivity.

Some of the major apps that have already made their space in the Vision Pro are:

  • Zoom on Apple Vision Pro: Offering immersive virtual meetings with digital avatars and upcoming features like 3D object sharing and Team Chat.
  • Microsoft 365 and CoPilot for Vision Pro: Microsoft introduces Office 365 and CoPilot software solutions for the XR market, enabling users to work seamlessly with tools like Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • TeamViewer Real-Time Assistance for Vision Pro: TeamViewer brings its Spatial Support service to Vision Pro, enhancing remote assistance capabilities with immersive visualizations.

Netflix, YouTube & Spotify to also soon make an appearance

Although apps like Netflix and YouTube can be accessed via Safari, YouTube has confirmed that they are working on a Vision OS-based application.

Will Apple Own the VR Market?

This happens to be good news for all users owning a pair of Vision Pro since now they’ll be able to experience a more immersed experience and a very productive one as well. With has worked out well on the user experience of the device and the productivity of the user’s experience. Apple Vision Pro Update raises potential hopes of improvement in sales, there is a fear that Apple might have a lead in the VR game and might end up owning a large share of it.

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