WhatsApp In-App Dailer: Everything About the New Feature

WhatsApp In-App Dailer: Everything About the New Feature

WhatsApp’s in-app dialer is the company’s new feature that allows users to directly place calls to new numbers without saving numbers in the address book. This new feature is available in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

According to WABetaInfo, users do not need to add contacts in their address book to make calls from the app. Additionally, by entering a phone number, users can quickly save it as a new or existing contact in the address book. A messaging shortcut will appear on the dialer screen, enabling users to send messages to a phone number they had first intended to dial but chose to message instead.

This new feature makes it faster and easier for users to connect with people quickly without saving their numbers. 

Before this update, users would have to manually save another person’s contact information in their address book so they could contact them on WhatsApp. However, with this new feature, users will now have a faster way to navigate the app. 

WhatsApp other updates:

WhatsApp has also updated its status tab with a new design. Android users now have a square-shaped status tab. 

A status preview has also been added as a new feature. Users can now preview status updates without clicking on them. This update will be available gradually to all users soon. 


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