With Netflix’s new iOS Controller app, you can now play games on TV

With Netflix's new iOS Controller app, you can now play games on TV

By introducing its Game Controller app, which enables customers to play games on their TV displays, streaming juggernaut Netflix has finally entered the gaming market. The business had hinted that it would enter the cloud gaming market last autumn.

The Netflix Game Controller app, which can be found on the Apple App Store, is made to sync up with customers’ TVs without a hitch, turning their smartphones into virtual game controllers.

The app’s simple description just reads, “Coming soon to Netflix.” The major streaming service has been coy regarding the precise games that would be accessible through this new gaming platform.

Netflix first entered the gaming market in 2021

Since then, more than 50 games have been made available. With titles ranging from exclusive in-house program adaptations to well-known independent games, this venture hopes to make gaming a natural extension of its streaming offerings.

In May, Leanne Loombe, vice president of external games at Netflix. Expressed optimism about the ability of cloud gaming to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Saying, “Our overall vision is that our members can play games on any Netflix device they have.”

With this calculated strategy, Netflix can reach a sizable population of potential players. Who would be interested in a value-added experience without displacing specialized gaming devices? This development also confirms past claims made by Netflix on their plans for cloud gaming.


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