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8 Netflix Hacks to Improve Streaming Experience

It’s difficult not to love streaming content on Netflix. The service allows its subscribers to access content that is uninterrupted with dreaded...

8 Netflix Hacks to Improve Streaming Experience - Tricky Enough

It’s difficult not to love streaming content on Netflix. The service allows its subscribers to access content that is uninterrupted with dreaded ads and commercials. There are also many genres to choose from. So, in this post, we are going to talk about the Netflix hacks which with you can improve your streaming experience.

All that is needed is an internet connection, an internet access device, and an active Netflix service subscription. Plugin your device’s charger and you are good to watch your favorite show within a day or a single sleepless night.  

Streaming Netflix videos is a good entertainment activity during these social distancing times. It will help light up the days as we all eagerly await the day when we hear that the world has overcome this novel coronavirus. But did you know that there are hacks that can help you enjoy a better streaming experience?

Fortunately, you do not need complicated software to improve your experience. Here’s how to beef up your Netflix experience during these stay-at-home moments using the amazing Netflix hacks.

Top 8 Netflix hacks that are worth trying out

Host a Netflix party

Movie theatres are among the hangout joints that have been temporarily closed in a bid to help flatten the coronavirus curve. As such, there is no more room for you and your squad to enjoy a movie session together. But, hey, the rules only apply to physical meet-ups.

You and your friends can still catch a movie together, albeit virtually. This is possible using the chrome extension, Netflix party. The extension runs on Google chrome, therefore, you first need to install the browser, search, download, and install the extension. You can then proceed to open Netflix and select the videos you want to watch. Next, click on the Netflix party option; this step generates a link that you then share with your friends for them to click to join in the watch party.

Netflix party join link can be sent to as many people as the initiator wants. The extension allows live chats where your squad can chat as you watch your favorite content. To be successfully added to a watch party, all invited users must have installed the file extension

Place a request for new titles

With the long stay-at-home moments, it is easy to feel like all the content displayed on your homepage is no longer thrilling. This might be caused by several reasons; one that you have watched one genre for too long, or two; you want something out of the ordinary. You know something that is not brought to your homepage just because other people are watching it.

Here’s the Netflix hack; you can place an appeal to the service requesting them to bring in new titles. Go ahead and propose 2-3 exact titles by filling them out on the Netflix request form. Your request might not be enough to define demand, but it certainly is a contributing factor.

Here’s an additional tip, if you and everyone else on your watch party discussed above requested a specific movie title; maybe Netflix might just consider weighing the option. Remember this is a business like any other and it all boils down to demand and supply.

Unlock more content with a VPN

Although Netflix offers you access to a variety of content, there is a whole lot more than you can currently access, depending on your geographical location. Different users have access to different content and this largely depends on the regulations set by the governing authorities. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to overcome the notification that goes something like ‘sorry, this content is currently not available in your country. If you use a Netflix VPN, you will be able to access more content by bypassing the restrictions. By connecting to a VPN server in a foreign country, you will be able to make virtual relocation into a foreign country and therefore gaining access to all the shows that are acceptable in that country. 

For instance, if you are in the States but want to access Japan’s local shows, then you can establish a geo-relocation by connecting to a VPN server in Japan and you are good to go. VPNs make this possible by masking your real location and IP address. You are therefore able to conduct your activities anonymously.

Get super Netflix for better videos

This is yet another Netflix streamlining extension available on chrome. You are probably spending more hours than is normal streaming your favorite content. Getting these shows in the best resolutions wouldn’t be a bad idea, right?

By installing the super Netflix extension on your browser, you are going to be in a position to select the video qualities of choice. This; as opposed to having the Netflix service decides the best pick for you.  

Another advantage with this is that you get to juggle between video streaming quality depending on the internet plan you are using. For instance, you can opt for high-quality videos while on unlimited Wi-Fi connections and limit yourself to lower-quality videos when your data plan is running low. 

Turn off the ‘are you still watching?’ prompt

With many watch-time hours at your disposal, you are likely to get tired of hitting the ‘next episode’ button. I bet, you would feel much better if things just flowed without this inconvenience and if you are offered an added advantage of narrowing down your searches to a specific genre.

Again, the never-ending Netflix extension on chrome, allows you to watch content non-stop by automatically playing the next episode.

Sort content by year of release

If you are watching movies from a web browser, then this simple hack can help you sort content chronologically. From the categories home page, click the small box on the upper part of the right-hand side. Clicking on this box opens a dropdown selection menu which allows you the option to sort content chronologically by year.

With this option in place, you, therefore, have the most recent releases appearing at the top while the older ones appear at the rear end. You can explore more sorting options like A-Z or Z-A. This sorting option allows you to identify the movies that you are interested in much faster.

Rotate videos using Netflix flip

It’s impossible to not want to lie down at some point while watching through 8-12 episodes of money heist in a day! But how can you comfortably do this from your computer or laptop when you cannot tilt the screen at 90 degrees?

Fortunately, there is another chrome extension that helps sort this out. Netflix flip helps rotate the videos to give you a comfortable view on your screen so that you can enjoy streaming content from any viewing position.

When on your bed, for instance, you can tilt the videos to a 90 degree angle. This will save your neck the strain of trying to position yourself and you will be a happy Netflix subscriber. 

Install Helium to stream Netflix content without interrupting your work windows

We are staying at home, but at times, we are also completing a task or two from home. If you are the type that loves working with content playing somewhere in the background, then you are likely to love the helium web browser. 

Consider installing this browser on your Mac to run a floating window on top of your active work screens. The micro-browser allows you to access other screens behind it and even take action because it is transparent. You, therefore, get to listen in to your favorite content as you get done with that data entry task, proofreading, and so on.

If you cannot handle any distractions while at work, remember that you can always leave your videos downloading in the background. You will have more time to watch when done with work. Downloaded videos come in handy when your internet connection is unstable or is interrupted. If you are a fan of Netflix, you can also try Roku, and There some Roku hacks that can enhance your experience.


Netflix has amazing TV shows, movies, and series lined up for its subscribers. The basic settings are aimed at giving you the best experience. However, you can stretch this limit by trying the hacks discussed above. Don’t forget to take advantage of other tips like using gift cards. This option can save you on a rainy day; you can use the Netflix gift card to pay for your monthly bill.

While making the most out of these hacks, do not ignore other best practices that will keep you safe while on the internet. They include; updating your device’s software, installing an internet security antivirus, and avoiding any clicks on malicious links. This helps keep your device and any confidential information therein protected.  Avoid falling victim to cybercrimes and ransomware by remaining vigilant all the time.


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