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10 Super Cool Online Gifts for a Blogger

What does your blogger friend do all day long? If we follow the cliché, we’d say they start the workday late. In...

Gifts for a Blogger

What does your blogger friend do all day long?

If we follow the cliché, we’d say they start the workday late. In the morning, they exercise, walk their dog, and take a loooong shower. This is someone who can organize their time well, so they have space for morning indulgence. Then the work starts. The blogger uses tech and tools to do research on blogging trends, find information for their post, write, edit, and publish. They spend a lot of time on social media, getting connected with their audience. Whenever they want to travel, they do. They take their tech and hit the road. 

What present do you get for such an individual? It seems that they have no interests outside their perfectly planned routine, so you have to fit your gift in it. 

You want to choose something that the blogger will love. If it could help them become better at what they do, you’ll be a star! 

Let’s focus on the best online gifts for bloggers. It’s more convenient for you to get something online. But the best online gifts are also the perfect choice for the recipient since this is someone who definitely knows how to use them. 

Online Shopping: 10 Perfect Gifts for a Blogger

Plagiarism is a sin in the blogging world. If the content is not unique, the blogger gets the label of a copycat. But their site is also sanctioned by Google since the search engine wants to deliver original results for its users.

Since the blogger has to conduct in-depth online research for each post, it’s easy for them to fall into the trap of unintentional plagiarism. If they catch the flaw and include the reference that they missed, no problem. 

Copyscape helps them identify unintentional plagiarism in their content. It’s a great tool that’s precise, effective, and an absolute necessity for a blogger. You can sign up for a premium account and buy credits for any amount above $5. You’ll give the account details to your friend, and you’ll immediately see a happy face. 

If this blogger uses a Mac, these are the best gift cards you could possibly get. 

Setapp is an alternative to the Apple App Store. It features the best apps out of all categories. The team carefully tests multiple apps and selects only the most functional ones to feature in the offer. Currently, the number of curated apps is over 150. 

If the same apps are available in the App Store, then why would you need Setapp? That’s the trick. This is a subscription-based service. For a minimal amount of $9.99 per month, you get access to all apps with their premium features. That saves the user hundreds of dollars. 

You can buy a gift card for one, three, or twelve months on Setapp. 

  • Omstars Subscription Gift Card

Does your friend like yoga? Maybe this is a devoted practitioner, or it’s someone who mentioned they would love to try the practice. Maybe they even go to a local studio. Whatever the case is, a subscription gift card to Omstars is one of the best online gifts for bloggers. 

The subscription unlocks endless hours of premium content. Your friend can choose a different teacher every day, or they can stick to their favorite one. In addition to yoga practice videos, they can also learn about the history and philosophy of yoga, and get some awesome vegan recipes.  

A monthly subscription gift card costs $14.99, but you can also get a card for 3 months, 6 months, and a year (that’s $149). 

Evernote used to offer Premium gift cards, but that’s no longer the case. Still, you can purchase a Premium membership for your friend and give them the login details. This is a great gift for someone who already uses Evernote in its basic version. 

The upgraded version includes cool features that a blogger will surely appreciate. It helps them capture ideas when they get them, conduct research and organize the resources by project, and stay organized with their business contacts, emails, PDF files, documents, and anything else they use for work. 

Evernote Premium costs $7.99 per month.

Every blogger should read this book! It’s about the skill and art of setting goals that drive you forward without overwhelming you. It’s about discovering what you really want in your life and moving in that direction. 

The book helps the reader set strategic goals, quarterly plans, specific steps, and big dreams. It’s available as an eBook ($10.99) and a paperback ($16.67), so you can choose whatever version your friend would prefer.

Bloggers deal with keywords… a lot! They have to discover the right ones to target, figure out how they will fit them in context, and measure the results they achieve through this campaign. Keywords help them rank high on Google. KWFinder is a tool that makes this process easy. If you get them a membership, you’ll have an eternally grateful friend. 

This plan costs $119.88, so you might keep the idea for a very special friend. It’s a 12-month subscription plan to desktop editing software with Lightroom Classic. It’s great for beginners at Photoshop. 

If your blogger friend has been resisting the need for original content at their website, it’s time to inspire them to change that point of view. They will discover a whole other perspective to bloggers when they start taking and editing their own photos. 

Asana is a project management platform that connects the entire team and helps them collaborate. A blogger can use it to collaborate with researchers, editors, and the entire development team. They can create an editorial calendar and keep all writers engaged with consistent updates. 

Premium membership costs $9.99 per month.

  • Airbnb Gift Card

Is there a better gift for someone who can take their laptop and head off to any destination without the need to quit a job? Your friend will be amazed at this practical idea for a gift. They can use the card at any destination on their bucket list.

You can get the gift card on Amazon, and you get to choose the amount (starting from $150). It can be delivered via email, but you can also get an actual card delivered to the blogger’s doorstep. 

  • Netflix Gift Card

This gift works for someone who loves Netflix, but it’s also perfect for those who keep resisting it. You can get a gift card on amazon, with a value starting at $25. If you know that your friend loves watching TV shows after they finish working on a post, it’s one of the best gift cards to buy. 

Buy Thoughtful Gifts that Impress!

When you’re buying a gift for someone, they should see that a lot of consideration went into the decision. An Amazon gift card is too general. It’s something you get when you know the amount of money you want to spend but you don’t want to bother searching for a gift. A special gift card, such as the ones we listed above, makes you a much better friend. 

Consider the needs and interests of this blogger, and you’ll easily find a present that works!

Written by James Dorian
James Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations. Follow him on Twitter.

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