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Online Reputation Management And Scope Of ORM Services

Online marketing is now the biggest platform for various businesses to promote their product and services. Along with that, with the openness...

Online marketing is now the biggest platform for various businesses to promote their product and services. Along with that, with the openness of interaction with the public, there is a chance for the companies to directly engage with their potential customers and gain their confidence. Only a few positive feedbacks from genuine audiences can boost your product sales and business presence. However, any negative feedback can simply make a U-turn in your growth journey and lead to your business downfall. This is where the term “Online Reputation Management” becomes crucial for the business to understand.

Today, in a world where an online impression is a major contributing factor for various businesses, only an amazing website, and a strong social media presence are not enough, as they can be influenced by negative reviews from various users. So, to counter that, various measures need to be taken which make a business trustworthy.

What Exactly Is Online Reputation Management and Why Is It So Important?

The main intent behind connecting with ORM services in India is to take certain measures and involve certain tactics through which you can create a positive insight regarding any company or individual online on various social media and other online platforms. ORM also includes managing negative feedback and turning them into positive reviews.

Online Reputation Management

How Online Management Services in India Are Different from Public Relations?

While understanding Online Reputation Management, sometimes people confuse it with Public Relations. However, both these terms are different as Public Relations involves various measures to manage the positive image of your company through both online and offline means.

Different Means Used by Any Online Reputation Management Agency In India

Social media is the major platform where different measures can be taken to create a positive impression for your business. However, that might not be enough as different are already created, which offer reviews to the customer for various companies. Thus, you need to increase your reach to various other platforms and take different measures accordingly. Following are some of the practices that any Online Reputation Management company can take:

Content And SEO

Internet users rely on search engines for any kind of information and also consider the top results appearing on the search results to be trustworthy. Thus, first and foremost, you must consider SEO as important for Online Reputation Management. Different measures under SEO through which you can easily impact the online reputation of any company are content (blogs, infographics, videos, and different offline content generating a positive impression among the people who visit your website).

Earned Media

Another way to create a positive impression among the people is by making a significant contribution that is noticeable among the people. By contribution, we are talking about engagement of your online business in other things and giving relevant information on various platforms related to the business category. Providing unique and helpful information and continuous engagement on various forums will help build up a reputation among the people and create a strong impression among potential customers. Various means under Earned media for Online Reputation Management services India include:

  • Various press coverage.
  • Continuous engagement on various social forums.
  • Listing on specific websites generates reviews for various companies like (GlassDoor, Ambition Trustpilot) and many others.

Paid Measures For Online Reputation Management

Either you can create an impression among the people by yourself, or you can rely on others who already have reached out to numerous people online. These practices in Online Reputation Management are referred to as “Paid Media”. It includes sponsored content like blogs, attractive social media posts, search ads, and many others. Other forms of paid media that are totally under the control of the user include Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and the promotion of your business by famous people on social media.

Shared Media Or Social Media

While owned refers to the one that you have posted, like your website, blogs, and others where people can only view your content, shared media refers to various posts that other people have posted about you on various platforms. Sometimes, shared media specifically refers to social media. As an effective strategy under online reputation management, you need to engage continuously with the audience and respond to their post irrespective of the fact that whether they are positive or negative. Along with that, you must respond to the negative feedback.

Importance Of Online Reputation Management for Your Company?

Many businesses consider that having a strong social media presence and a website with an amazing user experience will be enough for them to manage their business. However, with only these measures, you cannot manage any negative impression, and not engaging on social platforms can be considered unresponsive. These things ultimately lead to a negative impact on your brand reputation that might also heavily influence your sales and growth. Following are some of the reasons why ORM services in India are significant:

Current Behaviour Of The Customers

Available feedback for any product has now become important for both the customer and the business. More than 50% of people rely on different reviews available on any product based on which they decide whether to buy this product or not. The reason for that is a simple fact that the information Online Reputation Management provided by the businesses on their product will be positive and will be considered promotional if not certified. Thus, it is highly important to check out available reviews and respond to the negative ones.

Feedback Is Crucial For Companies Also

While every customer navigates the “Review and Rating” section below the product, the business needs to know how well their product is working among the customer. Also, they can get useful insights based on which they can make improvements in their services. Not only that, it gives a chance to companies to deal with the negative responses and also counter the ones that are baseless and are just given to demote the product.

Deal With Customers More Easily

Companies taking different measures to manage online reputation do have a chance to deal with customers better. Also, when you engage with customers directly, you get to know what is trending and what is the customer’s exact current demand. These insights are highly beneficial for the business to determine the current needs of their potential customers.

Analyze The Current Image Of Your Company Online

The first and foremost step is to analyze your current situation, considering your online reputation. Based on this, you can have an idea of what to do and where you lag. Following are some of the recommended measures to check your current online impression among people:

  • Do a Google research of your company/brand name (particularly in incognito mode).
  • Now, separately open a new page where you need to search for specifically the product that your company offers. Note down the names of the companies that are among the top search results.
  • Google these companies and check out their websites, social media profiles, different blogs, and other online presences.
  • This will help you to compare your business with these competitors and get information on what you need to boost your online presence in the market.
  • You can also rely on various other third parties that analyze your current online reputation, and based on that, they provide insights on how you can create a positive, impactful image of your company.


Online Reputation Management is crucial for every business to manage its sales and growth. Many well-established companies have lost a significant portion of their business due to a negative online reputation, including various multinational corporations. Considering the uprising of various online businesses in India, there is a big scope of ORM services in India. The reason for that is the simple fact that now every person relies on online feedback.


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