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Reasons for Slow VPN Downloads

There are websites on the internet that require you to be at a certain location to access it. If you are situated...

There are websites on the internet that require you to be at a certain location to access it. If you are situated in another place and try to access that area-specific website, then it won’t let you in. However, there is something that can help you bypass that protocol and lets you access the website even when you are very far away.

Virtual Private Networks allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorships and allows you to access sites from anywhere in the world. Depending on your VPN, your connection can become more secure and encrypted but it is rather not inherent. The main idea of this is to allow you to connect to a certain server when normally you could not. Click here to learn more about it.

Virtual Private Networks nowadays have a selling point of protecting your data and making your movement online invisible and unnoticed. They are quite useful if you are traveling to countries that have a lot of censorship like China. If you are in China, you will need a good VPN to even just access Facebook since that is censored there. They also have a lot of protection now that a normal VPN will be detected and you still won’t be able to access blocked sites. That is why it is important to get a good VPN that will work for you. Luckily, most of these services have free trials so you can be sure that you can access the sites that you want to.

Depending on what you want to access and where you are, geo-restrictions and censorship can differ. Like for example, in the Philippines and a few other countries, some pornographic websites are blocked but with a simple VPN, you can access them right away. These services also have different price points so it is important to choose which one will serve you best on the things that you need.

Virtual Private Networks do wonders for internet users all over the world. However, using such a service can cause your download speed to slow down. It is best to choose the right VPN to have the fastest secured net experience. You can check reliable websites like Fastest VPN Guide for your reference on which service provider to choose. 

Here are some of the reasons why your internet slows down. 

VPN server locations

Most of these services have servers all around the globe. You can even choose which area of the country you want to be connected to. The rule is the farther you are from the server you are connecting to, the slower your internet connection will become. Thus, it is paramount that you choose the closest server possible to you to maximize the fastest internet speed possible.

As long as your reason for using such an application is not to access a geo-restricted site, then you can choose any server you want. Since VPNs are used for encryption, protection, and access to censored sites also, you can choose the closest server for the use of these services.

Security Protocol

A more secure protocol can lead to slower internet. If you are doing transactions that involve money or secrets, then it is best to use the most secure protocols. This, however, will slow down your connection but will be worth it since no sensitive data will be spilled out. If you want a faster internet connection, then you will have to use a less secure protocol. Good virtual private network services offer a choice in the protocol used wherein you can choose between a number of different protocols to fit your needs and increase your internet speed when needed. There are several different protocols available that ranges from the PPTP, which is the least secure, to SSTP, which is the most secure.  Click this website to see the different types of protocols: https://www.allthingssecured.com/vpn/faq/vpn-protocol-guide/.

Slow VPN

Using a VPN nowadays is important because of the frequency of cybercrimes and cyber theft. Some operating systems like Apple already provides a virtual private network on Safari. However, it is better to use the paid services that offer very secure connections to make sure that your information is secure and your transactions are encrypted. It is so easy to steal from anyone online; a 12-year-old can even hack you anytime. Better to be safe always and protect yourself by using a VPN.

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