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Simple and Easy Method to Delete/Remove Duplicate MSG Files

Multiple copies of the same email message that are stored separately .msg files within Outlook are referred to as duplicate MSG files....

Simple and Easy Method to Delete/Remove Duplicate MSG Files

Multiple copies of the same email message that are stored separately .msg files within Outlook are referred to as duplicate MSG files. These duplicates may appear for several reasons, including mistakenly saving information more than once, problems with email migration or synchronization, errors in the program, or user behaviors like repeatedly saving or forwarding messages.

Duplicate Outlook MSG Files

Duplicate MSG files can clog Outlook folders, use up unneeded storage space, and make it difficult to find and efficiently handle critical messages. They may also affect Outlook’s functionality, particularly when dealing with a lot of duplicates.

Maintaining a well-organized and effective Outlook mailbox requires spotting and deleting duplicate MSG files.

Several techniques and resources are available to aid with this task:

  1. Manual Search
  2. Built-in capabilities of Outlook:

Manual Search: Users may do a manual search for duplicate MSG files by arranging their Outlook folders according to the subject, sender, or date and then visually comparing their message lists to spot duplication. Although time-consuming and prone to mistakes, this approach works well for a limited number of duplicates.

To manually erase duplicate MSG files in Outlook, you can attend these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your calculating.
  • Navigate to the binder place you suspect duplicate MSG files survive (for example, Inbox, Sent Items, etc.).
  • Sort the binder by a particular assignment to help label duplicates, in the way that Subject, Sender, or Date.
  • You are able and usually willing to change this by clicking on the equivalent pillar plunge.
  • Scan through the ideas in the file and optically equate the ruling class to recognize duplicates.
  • Look for ideas accompanying equal subject lines, the person who sells goods names, receivers, or added recognizing traits.
  • Once you label a duplicate MSG file, select it by clicking on the idea while equity the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) to create diversified selections.
  • After selecting the duplicate idea(s), right-click on the individual of the picked ideas and pick “Delete” from the circumstances card.
  • Alternatively, you can press Delete to aim attention at your row of keys. Proof prompt grant permission to perform querying if you be going to move the picked parts to the Deleted Items pocket.
  • Click “Yes” to ratify the erasure. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for each duplicate MSG file you wish to remove.
  • After removing the duplicates, you can empty the Deleted Items pocket to forever eliminate the ruling class from Outlook.
  • Right-click on the Deleted Items binder and select “Empty Folder” or “Empty Deleted Items Folder” from the circumstances card. Confirm the erasure if incited.

Please note that manually removing duplicate MSG files may be late, particularly if you have a lot of duplicates or diversified folders to check. Consider utilizing electronic forms or serviceableness expressly created to handle duplicate administration if you have an important number of duplicates or demand a more effective approach.

  • Built-in capabilities of Outlook: Outlook comes with built-in capabilities like Clean Up, which can automatically find and delete unnecessary messages depending on preset criteria. The Clean Up tool only maintains the most current copy of a duplicate message, discarding the older versions.

Advance and Fasted MSG Duplicate Remover Tool

A piece of software called TrustVare MSG Duplicate Remover can find and get rid of duplicate messages in Microsoft Outlook. It was created primarily to simplify and organize email communication by locating and deleting duplicate or superfluous messages from Outlook folders.

The MSG Duplicate Remover Tool is an operating system request mainly planned to label and away duplicate MSG files inside Microsoft Outlook. It offers a handy and mechanical resolution for directing the same electronic mail ideas, meal consumers declutter their postboxes, and helping depository room.

Key looks of the MSG Duplicate Remover Tool concede the possibility contains:

  • Duplicate Identification: The form scans Outlook folders, containing the inbox, shipped parts, and ritual folders, to settle duplicate MSG files. It compares differing attributes of ideas, to a degree subject, person who sells goods, receiver, date, and fastenings, to decide reproduction.
  • Multiple Search Criteria: The finish admits consumers to outline distinguishing search tests to grow less or make less the duplicate labeling process. This can contain percolating duplicates established date range, the person who sells goods, the receiver, or additional practice attributes.
  • Flexible Duplicate Handling Options: Once duplicate MSG files are recognized, the finish offers differing alternatives for management bureaucracy. Users can pick to as a matter of usual practice erase duplicates, move the ruling class to a different file for review, or mark bureaucracy for further operation.

How to use the Third-party app to clean the duplicate MSG files?

  • Download the TrustVare MSG Duplicate Remover Software.
  • Now select the duplicate MSG files that you need to remove.
  • Preview selected MSG files.
  • Filter MSG files.
  • Choose a location to save the duplicate free MSG files.
  • Hit on the “Remove Duplicate Mail” button and start to eliminate duplicate MSG files.
  • View the duplicate free MSG files on the located location on the desktop.

Final Upshot

Using a third-party application is quite an easy way to delete duplicate MSG files. Some users do not need any other software to delete MSG files. This application also filters the duplicate by attachments. No need for any technical expertise to remove the duplicate MSG files. Users can also install this tool in any Windows version whether it’s new or old. This software also provides a free demo version to all users so that they can check the utility efficiency before the buying whole version.


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