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The WiSpy vs MSpy vs FlexiSpy: A Comparative Review

People use Android phone spy apps for various reasons. Parents opt for apps for monitoring their children since they want to ensure...

The WiSpy vs MSpy vs FlexiSpy - A Comparative Review

People use Android phone spy apps for various reasons. Parents opt for apps for monitoring their children since they want to ensure kids are secure from online dangers. Employees’ productivity is a huge issue for companies that permit employees to use smartphones in the workplace. we will share some spy app reviews in the upcoming paragraph.

This is why managers go for all-encompassing surveillance that includes computers and other screens, smartphones, and more. Among top-notch spy apps for Android so far, TheWiSpy, mSpy, and FlexiSpy have proved extremely helpful in the past.

Three of them are doing extremely well on the market regarding cost and features, and ease of use to draw new users. In addition, each of them offers users numerous advantages that enhance users’ lives.

If you’re tired and confused after reading the entire spy apps reviews, you should try our comparison review one final time. This comparison will guide you to an informed decision.

The Thing You Should Know About Phone Spyware App

Before you decide on which application will be the best for your requirements, you should already know these questions. It will help you not regret any decision afterward.

1. What Phone Do You Want to Monitor?

That is, what kind of smartphone do you want to keep track of, like the Android smartphone, iPad, or iPhone? Again, knowing the model and operating system you want to monitor will make it easier to decide.

2. What Sort of Activities Do You Want to Monitor?

Do you want to install the app for your teen’s iPhones to track their location? Perhaps you’re looking to monitor your partner’s phone to observe their WhatsApp chats? You might also have to look up emails from employees who have been involved in the leak of sensitive data in the past.

Select an app that provides the most effective features for the lowest price. For instance, an app like the Basic edition of FlexiSpy might not permit users to use call recording or even record the surroundings of their phone. But TheWiSpy can do that for you and vice versa.

Compatibility Comparison

In terms of compatibility, TheWiSpy and mSpy have excellent reputation for tracking. But, when it comes to the compatibility of their apps, FlexiSpy lags behind the other two applications.

While it does have the ability to track computers, it is not the only app that monitors employees or children on Microsoft Windows.

1. TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is compatible with Android phones that run 4. x through 10.x OS.

2. mSpy

mSpy works with Android 4 through 11 and Internet connectivity. In addition, it supports all versions of iOS.

3. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is compatible with Android versions 4 to 11 and is supported by iOS 6.0 up to 14. x.

Features Comparison

When we choose a spy app for smartphones, the important thing to take an interest in is the features of the software we choose. So let’s look at which elements constitute a Unique Selling Proposition of each software.

1. TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is the most advanced spyware app for android available. First, of course, you will get all the standard features of tracking, such as message logs, call logs, photo access, and other access to media.

In spite of these features, TWS is also offering features. Such as call recording, social media monitoring, and surround recording that FlexiSpy and mSpy can’t provide.

2. mSpy

mSpy is one of the most effective spy apps for smartphones. You can use this app to monitor text messages, call logs, social media activities, and more. If you want to watch your child, then you’ll find all the advanced features in this spy app.

3 FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a great cell phone spy app using which you’ll receive different spying features. You can use basic features like call log and message monitoring, GPS tracking, and more. On the other hand, you’ll have access to remote and advanced features like call recording, web browsing monitoring, social media controls, and more.

Price Comparison

The price comparison can help you choose the most suitable software to monitor your children and employees.

1. TheWiSpy

Basic Plan

One-month: $19.99

Three-month: $29.99

Six-month: $49.99

Premium Plan

One-month: $29.99

Three-month: $49.99

Six-month: $79.99

Platinum Plan

One-month: $49.99

Three-month: $79.99

Six-month: $119.99

2. mSpy

Basic Plan

One-month: $29.99

Three-month: $59.99

One-year: $99.99

Premium Plan

One-month: $69.99

Three-month: $119.99

One-year: $199.99



One-month: $29.95


One-month: $68.00

Three-month: $99.00

One-year: $149.00


Three-month: $199.00

One-year: $349.00

All of the apps have prices within different plans. Therefore, it is possible to compare the cost of the various versions and pinpoint the features you require to keep an eye on your children. The essential thing is to choose one with the lowest cost and most capabilities. The WiSpy appears to be the most economical option available.


One of the most important elements that determine the overall performance of an app is not just the features it provides but also its performance. A program can only be as effective if it performs well, regardless of how many options it has.

Storage or Security

The WiSpy provides unlimited data storage for users. You can store unlimited text messages, multimedia files, and call logs stored on the server and access them at any time.

mSpy allows users to fetch and view call logs, GPS locations, text messages, and more at any time. In addition, you can download multimedia through the control panel.

FlexiSpy lets users download call recordings and logs of calls, lists of all contacts, and photographs from the application. Even though audio and videos can’t be downloaded through FlexiSpy, they are accessible via the dashboard.

Third parties cannot gain access to data stored on the servers. Therefore, the information held on the server is secured. Only those with access to login information for the account used by the application to spy on you can access and download data.

Data Usage and Battery Life

Battery Consumption is one of the major issues encountered by applications for spying. To track the device, all the data is sent via Wi-Fi.

This results in the battery being diminished at a higher rate. Yet, TheWiSpy offers users to alter settings in the control panel to reduce battery usage and data usage.

However, FlexiSpy and mSpy do not offer this feature, resulting in battery drain and data consumption increasing rapidly.

Despite the numerous features available, this limitation hinders the performance of an application used to spy.

Control Panel

The control panels are the same as the features and other tabs displayed on the left. The minimalist design on the screen makes it easier for people to follow.

TheWiSpy has user-friendly dashboards and icons that facilitate easy navigation. In addition, it includes all features listed under appropriate headings, making it much simpler to locate a specific feature.

The mSpy has a good control panel with all the features listed in a simple interface. For example, you can click on tabs to open specific information. In addition, the panel allows you to control the target device and fetch data.

FlexiSpy offers users various capabilities. The control panel doesn’t give users much control over what to do with their information from the device you are targeting. Users can’t reduce their resources while the data is transferred to servers.

Which is the best Spy App for Smartphones?

After analyzing all the great features and benefits for the price, it should be simple to determine which cell phone spy app is best suited for your requirements. For instance, if you’re in search of an affordable app that contains advanced and quality features, you’ll find that TheWiSpy app is the perfect option.

If you want to monitor only your children’s Snapchat, then mSpy is the ideal application. FlexiSpy may not be considered the most inexpensive out of the three. But it can meet the requirements of parents and spouses who require the highest level of surveillance options.

We think this comparison can provide a reference for you to select the most suitable smartphone Spy App Monitoring to meet your needs.


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