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Ultimate Guide For Digital Parenting with TheOneSpy Monitoring App

The need for parental monitoring software has emerged in recent times with incorporating digital technologies and networks. The kids have earned extended...

Ultimate Guide For Digital Parenting with TheOneSpy Monitoring App

The need for parental monitoring software has emerged in recent times with incorporating digital technologies and networks.

The kids have earned extended hands on the digital gadgets, which pose several threats to them, alongside posing many conveniences in their lives.

For protecting and safeguarding the kids’ interests, the best parental monitoring software that the experts propose is, TheOneSpy. The app can be installed on the cell phone or PC of the child; the app is compatible to be installed on android, iPhone, mac, and windows operating systems. The features are as follows.

Location Tracking Feature

The location tracking feature of the parental monitoring software serves parents in the best possible manner. The app keeps track of the movement of the target user in the form of a log. This log file is stored in the online dashboard. The dashboard is accessible 24/7.

By viewing the log, the parent will know the pattern of movement of the kid at any point in time. This feature helps amazingly when the target user is not getting reached out; if the kids are not getting connected with the parent, the parent can use the location tracking feature of parental monitoring software to pinpoint the real-time location of the target user.

In this way, the security and protection of the child can be ensured from all kinds of threats.

Social Media Surveillance to Protect Kids

Social media platforms are considered the most vulnerable source that causes problems for kids. The experts view that a large number of cases in which kids are impacted by the activities of cyberbullying and harassment.

Cybercriminals mainly get in touch with the kids through social media apps, which is needed to be controlled.

The parental monitoring software enables the parent to view the chats extensively. The chats can be viewed, read, and monitored remotely to track all the communication of the target kids in their social network. In this manner, the parent will know all the communication, and if there is any suspicious communication, the parent can take necessary actions.

The images and videos that are shared over the social networks among the contacts can be tracked remotely. If the said content does not adhere to the prescribed moral code of communication, the parent can remove the content remotely and can block the same contact as well. The VoIP and video calls made and received over the social media platforms can be listened to in real-time. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard if the parent cannot monitor them straight away.

Surround Recording Feature

TheOneSpy allows the end-user to record the real-time surroundings of the target user. The spy app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target user to find out what is happening around the target user in real-time.

The mic bug records the surrounding sounds without any hassle. The camera bug furnishes the real-time physical insights of the target child.

This feature massively helps the working and single parents monitor and track their kids when they are not home because they cannot physically monitor the kids due to personal and professional commitments.

Phone Call Recording

The incoming and outgoing phone calls made or received over the target phone can be extensively tracked for communication using parental monitoring software.

Calls can be listened to in real-time remotely. The parent can assign the app to record these calls for monitoring later on. If a certain contact does not adhere to the moral standards of communication, the same contact can be blocked straight away for restricting any further communication with the child.

The keylogger

The keylogger feature of the parental monitoring software can track and identify all the passwords of the installed applications. The feature works by logging the keystrokes while the password field remains active.

This feature allows the parent about each bit of communication to take place over the target phone or PC.


The best parental monitoring software nowadays is TheOneSpy. Most of the key features and their work is discussed.


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