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Understanding all the subtleties of the crypto world is anything but easy. And if you’ve been diving into it for a while, you should already know how many details and variables are involved in the game.

Starting your investment in ICO can be full of intricacies if you’re not careful about what you chose for your portfolio. During the last 12 months basically, everybody jumped on the ICO bandwagon, so now the crypto space is flooded with so many projects that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them. Imagine that any scam project has a public team of “experts.”

But don’t fall into despair. Fortunately, you can rely on some great ICO rating sites that do all the analysis for you. They show only the most critical information and keep you away from any ICO like Bitconnect, for example.

1. ListICO

Most of the investors use this site because it shows you all the upcoming and ongoing ICOs. Of course, they update that list every day.

Another element worth noticing is their vibrant and active Twitter community which can help you with some good information as well if the blog and newsletter won’t be enough for you.

2. ICO Champs

They are different from similar ICO rating sites because their choices are based on such ranking factors as:

  • Hype
  • Risk
  • Profit potential

As strange as it would seem, that’s an excellent rating though. In fact, these elements can have a more significant influence on the real value of a crypto project, especially if you’re looking for short-term gains. You’ll also be able to find short notes that will quickly explain why the ICO rating is the way it is.

The icing on the cake is their extensive knowledge base, which is free. Check the course, and you’ll be able to evaluate projects way better and quicker.

3. ICO Map

This interesting ICO rating platform puts the various projects on the map. So, you can track an ICO like ODIN to its homeland and discover that it’s Switzerland. This can be useful to quickly know if an ICO belongs to an area famous for its IT experts.

Of course, they also provide tons of information and updates on the cryptocurrency world.

4. ICO Hot List

This independent rating platform has a unique “Hot” list. Its team includes the project if they believe an ICO is one of the most promising at the moment.

They do their due diligence evaluating what can be found in whitepapers, the knowledge, and experience of a public team, how responsive these people are to inquiries, the specific goals of the project and many more.

5. ICOMarks

Many people love the search features of this platform. And, what many users have been praising above all is the calendar which rates the different ICOs based on End and Starts dates.

It is indeed quite handy, plus the minimalistic design makes the browsing experience very smooth.

6. TokenTops

The team behind this rating platform peculiarly curate their listing. They’re trying to mix user-submitted ratings with those performed by the so-called “experts.”

The results are not always the best since many projects don’t get an overall rating. But, you can find some pretty thoughtful pieces of analysis nonetheless.

7. ICOBazaar

This site implements the central concept of the previous platform and adds a ton of useful information to it. If you’re looking to do an in-depth evaluation of an ICO project, this is an excellent place to start.

Like other websites, they have their pleasant design experience.

8. CoinSchedule

The design of the site can’t compete with some of the other platforms mentioned earlier, and the ICOs are listed only by the ending date. Nonetheless, this rating platform can be beneficial to those that want to be up-to-date with conferences and events related to the crypto world.

9. ICO Watchlist

Ok, ICOs are a great investment opportunity, but what about the most promising cryptocurrencies? If you think that some reliable tokens deserve a place in your portfolio, check out this website.

They have a curated list of both cryptocurrency tokens and ICO projects, which is regularly updated. Moreover, if you’re willing to start a project based on blockchain technology, they could help you reach the right investors. So, its worth a try.


That’s it crypto enthusiasts! These sites should be enough to help you get a better grasp on the crazy amount of blockchain projects out there. It’s crucial not to forget doing your due diligence and using several resources at the same time when it comes to investing some serious amounts of money.

The earning opportunities are with ICOs, but so are the chances of losing every single penny invested. Taking the right time to do a proper evaluation is the safest way to long-term profits.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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    Hey bro,
    ICOs are a huge money making opportunities and at the same time a big trap. People have fallen to scam coins a mighty portion of their investment lost.
    I had a good deal with ETHOS (Bitquence then) and a couple other ICOs.

    There are many ICO platforms coming up now and some with fake ratings. I started off with tokenmarket and now loving

    Why I encourage ICOs, I won’t fail to underline a risk margin. In my free report which can be gotten from my blog, I help point readers on some factors to help them quickly notice a scam or poor blockchain project at a distance.

    Thanks for bringing up content in this industry on your blog 😉

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    Hi, Great blog post, and thanks for lsting Listico on your list.
    ListICO team.

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    Nice post ! thanks for sharing the post.