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Top Trusted 5+ Bicycle, Bike, Car & Boat Booking & Rental Scripts

The Internet has changed forever the way business transactions are done. The sharing economy has empowered customers to get products and services...

The Internet has changed forever the way business transactions are done. The sharing economy has empowered customers to get products and services at minimal costs. This has also thrown up doors to a growing market that is growing at arithmetical pace.

At the heart of all this is the online rental business. If you have a fleet of cars, motorcycles, boats or anything that can be let out on a rental basis for a while, then you have a massive business model in your hand.

Here are some software picks that can make you an Airbnb for bikes, cars, bicycles, boats and much more.

1.Apphitect Car Rental Solution – #1 Bike & Bicycle Rental Software

Apphitect vacation rental script is a Magento 2 based vacation rental software that comes pre-equipped with tons of features. You can build your own bike, car or boat booking website with this Airbnb for bike rentals. Hourly booking, in-built payment integrations, geo-location mapping, etc. makes it a perfect fit for transactional businesses like the bike and car rentals.

2. Apptha Airhotels Software – Leading Car & Yacht Rental Software

Apptha’s Airhotels is a bike, boat, car, bicycle rental script that has helped launch several rental bookings in quick time. Like most front-running booking scripts, Apptha Airhotels also comes in Magento 2 avatar making it a perfect fit for modern-day online booking businesses. Highlight features include homepage video banners, advanced search, industry-specific customization, one step checkout, multiple payment gateways, SEO friendly URLs and much more.

3. Ncrypted – Php Based Car Rental & Booking Script

Ncrypted car rental business is a versatile Airbnb for car rentals and also several other booking services including bike, bicycles, boats and so on. It’s USP is that it can be customized in several ways to create a fully-customized car rental software that works way different than competitors. Some of the key features of Ncrypted car rental script include a wish list, multi-currency integrations, seasonal pricing module and much more.

4. Zoplay – Popular Bicycle & Bike Booking Rental Solution

Zoplay is a super-easy way to launch your car or any other booking business. Be it a custom module with handpicked payment integrations, designs or functionalities or a template that is easy to launch, Zoplay makes it easy for you to launch your Airbnb for cars, boats, bikes or whatever business of your choice.

5. PHPJabbers – Best Luxury Yacht Rental Software

PHPJabbers yacht listing script is the only tool you will ever need to run, manage and scale a yacht booking business. PHPJabbers has brought out the script with some front-running features like classifieds ads management, responsive designs, boat reservation system, offline & online rental systems, among many others. Additionally, the PHP source code to build the luxury yacht rental website is also available making it a truly end-to-end customizable script.

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I am adding these companies based on the request of others who have worked with them and received a 100% satisfaction.

6. Airhotels Magento 2 – A Complete Vehicle Rental Booking Solution

Apptha’s Airhotels is an absolute Vacation Rental Script Solution for building your Accommodation and rental booking Website. The ready-made solution is developed in advanced Customizable Extensions featured with Social Logins, One Step Checkout and much more. The Apptha rental booking solution is developed on Magento 2 Platform for a hassle-free Installation and Customization. Additionally, It is featured with smooth Integration of Google Maps, Adaptive PayPal for Payment Solution and the list exceeds.

7. Appkodes – Best Online Boat Rental & Booking Software

If you want to start an online service that rents out boats of various sizes and shapes, Appkodes boat rental script is the ideal pick. It has every imaginable feature that will simplify your task of managing bookings, collecting payments and handling guest queries. The boat rental software is potent enough to turn your business into an Airbnb for boat rentals.

8. Provab – A Leading Vehicle Rental & Booking Solution

Do you want to develop your own vehicle rental booking website? Provab is one the best readymade solutions to build a vehicle rental & booking website in few hours. The features of this PHP script vehicle rental solution include fleet management system, advanced search option. Payment gateway integration, driver location management, etc.

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These are the eight rental & booking scripts you can count on to build an Airbnb for boats, bikes, boats, cars or literally anything else. Have any question on how these work? Let us know.

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