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Free classified sites list for Free advertising

Are you looking for the Free classified sites list for the business submissions? Do you want to get some extra Traffic using the...

Free classified sites list

Are you looking for the Free classified sites list for the business submissions?

Do you want to get some extra Traffic using the classified sites?

Then you have dropped to the right place.

What are classified sites?

Free classified sites are the sites where we can advertise. These Classified sites may be paid or completely free. But some classified sites provide both submissions, free and paid depending on the requirement of a person. Classified sites can help a webmaster to bring their site up on search engines within a small time. These classified sites have many categories for posting different advertisements that one has to select an appropriate type and post his or her Ad.

It is not necessary to have a Website for classified submission:

When it comes to classified sites or free advertising, then it’s not compulsory to have a website for submission. As classified is a platform where one can do the free advertisement for the Online as well as the offline business. For the people or organizations that don’t have websites, it becomes easy for them to advertise their business online for free. As doing classified it is always optional to use a link to a Website or not. The advertiser can only provide their address, phone number, and explain what their business is and what services they provide.

Advantages of Classifieds

  1. The need for the website is optional. One can display their business online without having an online source like a website or app.
  2. On making the submission, classified sites provide the Instant approval link. That means our free advertisement is displayed on their sites as soon as we submit them.
  3. The classified sites Provide us an option for uploading and displaying our logo. You can create your logo for free if don’t have one by using the DesignEvo logo designer.

Get your free classified sites list

On these free classified sites list, you can post your free advertisement. Almost all the sites are free and provide classified ads for buying, services, vehicles, rental, tickets, travel, and computer.


List of Social Bookmarking sites.

List of CommentLuv Blogs.

List of business profile creation sites.

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  1. These are some great sites for getting links from high PR sites. Google has stopped updating pagerank for sites, however, getting backlinks is still important. They increase your site’s credibility and authenticity. The more the backlinks you can get, the better. Thanks for sharing these sites.

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