Unique iOS App Development Ideas Using New iOS Features

iOS App Development Ideas

iOS designs have been changing and evolving in a true sense over the years. And the latest reveal has been the iOS 16. This has been one of the eye catchy ones because of the list of endless features it provides. From lock screen to emails and messaging to iCloud, Apple has brought quite some buzzworthy news in the tech world.

How could you use these features and updates to create a new product that can function effectively in the iOS system? In this blog, we will bring you a few very effective app development ideas. These ideas utilize these updates to their full extent to make a massive impact on the tech fraternity.

An Application For Stickers

Believe it or not, stickers are a brand-new form of effective communication. The intensity of relatability for a sticker-able image spreads like wildfire. The appeal for stickers is so intense that Facebook Messenger sees 380 million taps on sticker messages daily.

The idea of a sticker application is pretty straightforward. Create a platform that will accommodate every type of sticker, to begin with. This sticker application will also enable its users to create their own stickers using the most absurd and hilarious pictures they could have from their friends and family.

The interface of this application could have a color palette to resonate with the young audience who actually utilizes stickers. These stickers could be animation, gifs, or snippets. The application’s interface could help the users access different genres of stickers.

For instance, the application can be divided into sections like self-made stickers, anime stickers, K-drama, aliens, etc. The stickers could be capitalized by inviting third-party artists and designers who could share their work. The sticker app will be integrated into all the messaging platforms to allow a user to fuse the stickers with any applications he wants.

An Application For Social Media

Social media, from a perspective, is a platform that unites the entire world. A global community has been made if two personalities can agree on an opinion. Two people have never once crossed each other and lived on different ends of the earth.

Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Reddit are a few of the most prominent examples. Instagram recorded a traffic of 2 billion active users per month! Not far from Facebook’s number of 2.96 billion.

OS has its own community with features accessible only to iOS users. What if the community of Apple users had a social application dedicated to them? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? App development ideas will help to decrease effort. The user experience is already visible.

The usability of this application would indeed have the existing features of photo and video sharing, messaging services, professional interaction, and everything the platform offers. Additionally, with iOS 16 features, the interaction of the Apple community would be much better as their APIs have a solid set of offerings.

Not just Instagram, it’s possible to create a clone of any application, for that matter, with the same usability as the original one but with unique iOS features.


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An Application For Finances

FinTech is a global boom today. An article from The Times Of India reveals the global average growth rate is 64%, with countries like India cruising at 87%. Specific to India, the country is anticipated to generate a FinTech revenue of 200 billion dollars by 2030, with over 2100+ FinTech firms operating in real-time.

What if iOS had an application to streamline personal finance with a seamless sync with bank accounts, investment portals, cash details, and many more online finance platforms? This application could potentially create scope for Apple users to transact and record data within the iOS integrations. iOS 16 offers many features to reduce manual efforts, which can be converted into processes that will, in turn, reduce the efforts in order to derive financial insights.

This finance app development could allow its users to operate on a highly secured network and have a unified dashboard to access every balance sheet simultaneously. Such a feature is an excellent way to pinpoint spending patterns, produce insights on prospect investments, calculate budgets, calculate returns on investments, forecast future spending, combine card payments, and more.

Today features like Unified Payment Interfaces have made payment systems seamless and quicker than ever. The idea of a finance application under the shield of one of the most secure, like iOS, is a disruptive thought that could tap into and create a profitable market.

An Application For Translation

‘Small world’ is good only as far as a phrase because the world is huge. Even if you travel around your own country, you are very likely to face language barriers. Resolving these barriers will give unique freedom to many industries with more accessible interactions and no confusion.

A translator application is a high-technology AI tool that recognizes languages and translates the same into any desired language. It is a great idea to monetize a language solution, but it is also a solution to a real-world problem.

iOS 16 has a lot to offer to aid this process. Their new feature on web technologies, language support, and easy access widgets could help quickly use this translator application in instances of a quick chat with a stranger. This application is a boon to businesses across industries. It provides easy access to regional lingo creating a rapid pace of dialogue, leading to quicker negotiations and faster transactions. With iOS’ live translation tool, any spoken word can be detected and decoded. By far, there is no similar technology for translation that a large group is actively using. Creating a dominating ecosystem within the iOS family is possible.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many possibilities available in the ocean of Apple’s advancements. Try exploring more and more insights on how one can leverage the new updates. It will help to build robust solutions in the form of iOS applications. Many latest iOS app development ideas can help in creating new applications.

Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain is the founder and CEO of Simpalm, iPhone app development company. He loves to write thought leadership articles on Mobile & Web Technology.

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