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Upload Files From Google Drive to OneDrive – Exquisite Methods

Microsoft offers OneDrive, which is a feature-rich and popular cloud storage service. It allows users to store and exchange data online. It...

Upload Files From Google Drive to OneDrive - Exquisite Methods

Microsoft offers OneDrive, which is a feature-rich and popular cloud storage service. It allows users to store and exchange data online. It has gained popularity amongst the users by providing amalgam services, where the data is synchronized. Moreover, the data can also be accessed from any device or web browser. With respect to the changing needs of the users, there has been a huge rise to upload files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. Taking this point into consideration, this is the blog that will enable users to easily import G Drive documents to OneDrive with the best techniques. So read on and explore the process in detail, right here!

Prominent Reasons to Upload Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

  1. OneDrive does not compromise with the storage capacity
  2. OneDrive has the capability for cross-platform syncing
  3. It is commonly used for business collaboration services
  4. It offers various affordable pricing plans to the users

Transfer Google Drive Documents to OneDrive – Most Trusted Methods

Approach #1: Download and Upload Files

Following is the detailed procedure to process the same,

  1. To begin with, open Google Browser on your system to migrate G Drive archive files to OneDrive and log in to your Google Drive account.
  2. After that, click on the My drive and select the files to be downloaded.
  3. Then, right-click the selected files and move them to the system in a local folder.
  4. Now, Log in to your OneDrive account and select the Files option and click on +New to create a new folder, and click Upload to move archives from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Approach #2: Use Google Takeout to Upload G Drive Files to OneDrive

  1. Initiate with logging in to your Gmail account. From there, go to the Account and then to the Personal Information & Security >> Create Archive.
  2. Enable Google Drive and select the files to be uploaded to OneDrive and click Next to choose the desired file type, archive size. Following this, choose to Add to OneDrive option as the Delivery method.
  3. Once all the required settings are done, click on the Link account and Create Archive button.
  4. Now, provide the accurate credentials of OneDrive to upload files from Google Drive to OneDrive on the Microsoft page that appears.
  5. After which, you can see all the files are uploaded to the OneDrive account
  6. In case, if you have selected Send download link via email, then download and extract the .zip file.
  7. Then, log in to your OneDrive account and transfer the extracted files from the local folders.

What are the Failures Associated with the Native Workarounds?

A user can easily import Google Drive files to OneDrive using the aforesaid method, however, there are a couple of limitations for the same. The foremost requirement is that it needs a continuous and reliable internet connection. In case, if you are migrating heavy files, it will consume your valuable time. If any discrepancies occur during the migration process, then the entire process needs to be started again.

After describing these consequences with the manual method, now you might be curious enough to know the alternatives to transfer Google Drive folders seamlessly.

Expert Solution to Upload Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

It is pretty clear that a manual workaround may or may not help you to transfer documents to OneDrive. This is because it has a few limitations that can fail the migration process. Also, the approach is quite difficult to implement the migration process properly. Then, what is the next option?

To avoid these limitations, it is suggested to switch to some instant professional tools like SysTools Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool. It is an advanced utility providing numerous integrated features to upload from Google Drive archive files to OneDrive. With the help of the Date filter option, it becomes easy for the user to migrate selective files to the OneDrive account.

Working of the Utility

This utility has a simple and very interactive interface. It is decked with multiple advanced functionalities which makes it easier for a non-technical user to work with. In the upcoming section, we have mentioned the steps to upload files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

  1. Choose the platforms between which you have to upload the files. In this case, it would be G Suite and Office 365 respectively.
  2. After this, on the same screen move to Workload Selection and select Document from there.
  3. Fill out the details for Admin G Suite details very carefully. Attach the certificate file and click on validate.
  4. Now, on the Destination screen, enter the details for Office 365 and hit Validate to grant permissions.
  5. Add users into the software and begin the process.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous users across the globe who want to upload files from Google Drive to OneDrive. Unfortunately, somehow the manual method has proved fatal and hence users have turned their attention-seeking for the right method. Here, we have discussed both manual and automated solutions to import files from G Drive to OneDrive. If the manual method didn’t help you to implement the migration process, then immediately switch to the aforementioned futuristic third-party tool.


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