What Makes a Great Video Testimonial That Builds New Customers?

Great Video Testimonial

Importance of a Video Testimonial

A video testimonial is an effective way for an organization to build new customers. A lead will convert into a customer and generate sales if he is convinced that the product meets his needs. The best way of doing this is for the customer to see reviews from previous customers. The best kind of review is a video testimonial. This is where a customer makes a video outlining his/her experiences using the product and enjoying its benefits. This is the ultimate testimonial that helps to build a new customer. When an organization decides to create video testimonials, it needs to do it in a professional and structured way. This is what will help them to impress potential customers and generate business from them. The video created must be natural a testimonial landing page and must make potential customers feel like watching it. Once they watch it, they must then be convinced about the product.

What Makes a Great Video Testimonial That Builds New Customers?

Creating Great Video Testimonials

If your organization wants to tap into the power of video testimonials and use it to build new customers, then you can go through the guidelines we provide in this article. These guidelines will help you to create the best quality video testimonials that can help you win over prospective customers easily and effectively.

1) Make them say ‘Yes’

The first thing is to select some of your existing customers who are loyal to your company. Convince them to participate in the video by stating their opinion of your product. Request them to help in sharing the story of their association with your company. Tell them that you value their feedback and putting it in video form will make it a valuable testimonial for your company. 

Offering a gift in return for doing the video may not be exactly a good practice. It may make the customer think you are bribing them to give a good review. So, don’t give anything before the process. Once everything is done, give them a big thanks and offer a huge discount or provide gift cards in appreciation for the time and effort they put in.

2) Plan it Well

You need to plan how you will record the video. Decide what the customer is going to say. The video can be planned in any of the following ways:

  1. As a freewheeling opinion of the customer narrated like a story.
  2. Question and answer mode where the customer answers specific questions put to them.
  3. As a discussion between two customers.

Whatever you decide, plan it well. Decide on a script in advance. This script should not put words in the customer’s mouth. Instead, it should provide an outline telling the customer how to approach the recording of the video testimonial. Don’t force the customer to sing your praises or say specific lines. It will end up looking artificial.

3) Rehearse it

Before shooting the video rehearse how it is done. Do it under lights with the camera on. Let the customer be adjusted to talking in front of lights and a camera. Many people are not comfortable facing a camera, so rehearsal may help them. A couple of times practice can help the customer gain confidence. Rehearsal can help the customer practice what he wants to say.

It is not necessary that the customer should say all that he wants to say in one go. Since you will be probably using the services of an editor, you can break up the customer’s review into segments. They can be integrated into the video at the time of editing after adding captions, graphics, and anything else to enhance the video.

4) Focus on the Pain Points

Pain points are problems that your customer may face during his experience using the products. Your prospective customers may also face these problems. Instead of creating a highly positive video, which may not look genuine; it is better to face these pain points and address them. When your customer talks about the pain points and explains how your product helps to address these pain points, it enhances your credibility.

The focus of the video should be on the problems faced by the customer or his needs before using the products. Then he should talk about his experience using the products and how the pain points were resolved. The benefits of the product and how it acted as a solution for the customer’s needs must be addressed in the video testimonial.

5) Make it Appealing

A great video testimonial is one that appeals to your prospective customer. You must be able to establish a connection between your existing customer and prospective customer through the video. When your customer uses a story to explain her problems and how your product solved those problems, it will create an instant connection with the customer. It is not enough to just appeal to the customer’s mind you must target his heart.

This can happen if there is an emotional connection. This will happen when the customer’s review in the video is natural, and genuine, and is able to convince the viewer of the need to buy your product. An appealing video is one that answers all the questions a prospective customer has. Make a list of all the things a prospective customer may want to know from an existing one. Ensure that all these and covered in the video.

6) Focus on Quality

Quality is needed not just in the content of your video but also in the video itself. Use professional services to shoot the video using the best equipment. Don’t compromise on quality even if you have to spend some money. A quality video that is crisp and well-edited will definitely appeal to your prospective customers. Such a video can impress potential customers who would believe the credibility of the video. This is the best way of convincing a prospective customer to work with you.


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The above guidelines can help you create a great video testimonial that can help you build customers.

Aleksi Halsas

Aleksi Halsas

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