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Role of video promotion in digital marketing

Statistics today show that almost a third of the entire internet population uses YouTube on a daily basis, which makes YouTube one...

video promotion

Statistics today show that almost a third of the entire internet population uses YouTube on a daily basis, which makes YouTube one of the biggest search engine there is. From this alone, you can tell that video promotion has become an integral part of the communication happening online.

Further, other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to mention a few, have also incorporated video in the entire experience. Concepts like live streaming, GIF, and 24-hour feeds have also popularized the idea of video promotion. But as regards digital marketing, does video promotion have any significance?

Improved traffic

Wherever you are online, video promotion can bring you a lot of attention and significantly boost your visibility as a brand. Social media has become quite popular, with random material going viral every second of the day. Depending on the kind of videos you create, and the type of information captured on the videos, you can spiral up as the topic of the day on different social media platform, just for the video you share.

Evident on all social media platforms, video clips and images go viral every moment, attracting a lot of attention to a brand. Top brands all over the brand have capitalized on this fact, coming up with humorous video clips that draw attention to a product, then reinforcing it with keywords that become hashtags to keep them on top of the search results all over the internet. If you want to draw more people on your platforms, consider producing entertaining videos that can keep people interested throughout the length of the clip. In fact, projections by researchers show that in 2019, about 80% of all traffic by internet consumers will be from video traffic.

High audience engagement

If at all you have been worried about increasing the user engagement of your target audience with your site, then video promotion should be your go-to solution. Video content tends to engage even the laziest internet users because it is very easy to consume. People do not need to be good readers or grasp grammar properly to consume video content, which is not the case for text-based material.

When everyone is feeling too busy to do life, they do not have the time to read through long product descriptions, reviews, and other information. If instead, they had videos to consume, then you realize a lot more participation of your target audience with your campaign messages. Ideally, the average internet user enjoys products in action, which gives video preference a place in today’s society. Remember, videos that are up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement. People do not want to stay too long on one video, or again, not get enough information.

High conversion rates and sales

It would be amazing to know that the people you reach out to on different digital platforms can find their way to your website, and better yet, make a purchase. Video promotion increases conversion rates by up to 80% because more people are drawn to visual content than to written material. This means that for every person your marketing message gets to, the chances of deploying them to your site are higher if you add a product video on your site’s landing page.

Further, statistics cite that about 70% of people who watch a product review on a video or an explainer-video about a product or service end up making a purchase. The logic is that vision is a human being’s most dominant sense, which makes its effectiveness not much of a surprise.

Google loves video

Do you ever wonder how you can get in the good graces of Google search engines? Firstly, Google owns YouTube, and therefore, the supremacy of video content is at the heart of Google. If you use a Rank Tracking Software at SERPbook, you will realize that for most search results of Google, there are video results, and sometimes, even as the featured snippet.

Further, Google values customer experience, which makes user experience and customer satisfaction of the essence. Ideally, video promotion is one great way to keep your target audience locked on your site, and the more time people spend on your platform, the more Google ranks you higher, with the understanding that your website offers excellent user experience. Therefore, if you want to rank higher and to make it a lot easier for your target audience to find you online, consider embedding video content on your digital marketing messages.

Mobile user appeal

Google loves a lot of things, and that goes for mobile-friendliness first. Google even considers mobile-first indexing as a factor to rank websites for search results. The typical mobile audience is temporal, which makes them not tenacious enough to be on the same site for a long time, mainly when the content is boring.

The good thing, however, is that video content appeals a lot to mobile users. According to YouTube, the amount of mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year. Now, given that the internet users via mobile devices are more than the desktop users, it would fall in the interest of any brand to provide content that appeals to the mobile audience first, and that is video content. Video promotion assures you of a continually growing bigger every year, which is a success marker for your digital marketing campaigns.

Besides, a successful digital marketing campaign is one that leaves the target audience with personal experience with the product or service in question. According to reports by Google, mobile video consumers end up feeling a sense of personal connection to brands 1.4 times more likely than the desktop audience. These figures indicate that video promotion can go a long way in building an atmosphere of trust and reliability between a brand and an audience, through simple marketing messages.

Video captures more information than text

Have you ever tried to elaborate on a product and it took too many words to get the point across? Well, video content has a superpower of explaining everything in a much shorter time than would a bunch of words, and interestingly, in a more intriguing manner.

For your digital marketing campaign to align to your expectation, your audience needs to properly comprehend what your main message is, and what the call to action should be. Video content can better do this for you, with more appeal to the audience, attracting more attention from people and using a lot less time to get the message home than would text-based content. Most brands today are even turning to explainer videos for every product and service they offer, and embedding them to their homepage.

High shareability

The nature of different social media platform today is embedded in the concept of social validation, and for it to happen, the only approach is through sharing media. As social media networks encourage social shares through different features like Lifestage, Instagram stories, Periscope, among others, as mentioned above, people all over are chasing after social validation.

Ideally, more people find videos interesting, and therefore, the social shares of videos, among other media, is a lot higher than that of text-based material. However, for this technique to work for your brand, you must remember that people share videos because they are interesting, which means they are more focused on sharing emotions more than the branded messages. Hence, when creating your product videos, make them as enjoyable as possible, and worth sharing.

Generally speaking, the video has come a long way over the years, and as technology continues to introduce advancements in the activities on the virtual world, there is no limiting the brightness of the future of video promotion can be.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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