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Top 3 Ways Software For Employee Monitoring Helps Employers

Before the pandemic, gig culture and freelancing were on a steady rise, making working from home somewhat popular and a topic of...

Top 3 Ways Software For Employee Monitoring Helps Employers

Before the pandemic, gig culture and freelancing were on a steady rise, making working from home somewhat popular and a topic of great interest. When the pandemic hit, most employees worldwide were left with no choice but to transform their bedrooms or spare rooms into home offices. It was a disruptive historical moment that affected everyone on a global scale, especially multinational businesses and enterprises. 

However, some companies managed to switch to remote working without making a peep. How was this possible?

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-secret must-have if you want to manage a modern, hybrid workforce. The trick is finding the right software for employee monitoring that suits all elements: your business needs, your business model, and your workers, all while maximizing their efficiency. 

In case you are not too familiar with this type of software, to put it simply, this software tracks, records, and analyzes the user activity on their computer. Without this revolutionary tool, the switch to remote and hybrid work wouldn’t have been much more challenging. 

Here, you’ll find the top three ways in which this modern solution can help your life as an employer become easier.

Tracking Internet and App Usage

Many employees may have accidentally visited a website or clicked on a link they were not supposed to click on while at work. Back in the day, clicking on “delete internet browsing history” seemed like it was more than enough to “hide” their wrongdoings from bosses.

However, now, employees are aware of the fact both the incognito browser and deleting internet history doesn’t actually do much. They may even get a warning as soon as they open the incognito browser, telling them that their activity is visible to the websites visited, their work, and the internet service provider.

Monitoring software for employees takes tracking a step further by recording website and app usage, meaning that you can see, in real-time, which websites are being visited at what time, and for how long. This web and app usage tracking results in an analysis of which tools and websites are used the most. This gives the employer full insight into employees’ activities during work hours, identifying the apps and licenses that might be redundant for the company. 

Another upside of using this tool is that it allows you to set up Internet use policies that alert employers of unsafe or unproductive internet usage. 

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Employers, naturally, want to see their employees perform the best that they can, as productivity directly impacts a company’s revenue and growth. However, we know that being productive non-stop isn’t quite possible. A drop in productivity is bound to happen, at one moment or another. 

However, you can’t exactly use the same “office tactics” as before to lift the morale of your employees when they’re not working onsite. 

Nobody wants to be the boss that lurks over their employees’ shoulders, continuously reprimanding them about their productivity levels, what they could be doing better, etc. If you want to manage your employee’s efficiency levels better, it’s time that you introduce screen monitoring software into your workflow. 

This software acts like an all-seeing eye, but slightly better, since it tracks, logs, and analyzes the monitoring data. Most tools of this sort can categorize internet or app usage as productive, neutral, or unproductive. This way, you can spot which employees need more support or even spot the warning signs of employee burnout. 

Since this SaaS solution often allows for real-time monitoring, it’s a lot easier for an employer to detect where productivity loss is coming from; allowing employers to react in time and help their employees out in a proactive manner. 

Trust, Security, and Compliance

Companies can lose huge amounts of money due to the risky behavior of their employees. As an employer, it is of key essence that you can trust your employees with sensitive information and company data, all while knowing that you are protected from any liabilities, compliance, etc. 

This can be a bit trickier if you, the employer, haven’t actually met your employee face-to-face. Studies have shown that a lack of face-to-face communication can lower perceived levels of trust since it makes employers feel like they don’t really know who is working for them. Luckily, monitoring software for employees tackles this issue head-on. 

It will collect any kind of evidence of data misuse, theft, and so on. Some software even has special USB and website blocks to prevent the transfer of high-risk files as well as the usage of unauthorized peripherals. In today’s climate, it’s paramount that you employ safeguards through monitoring. 


The benefits of using this software are more than obvious. This tool aids to create and maintain the perfect, effective team; remote or onsite. You will quickly feel the easing effects of a tracking app. Before implementing this solution in your company, it’s important to understand the unique challenges your business faces. This way, you’ll be able to find software that better suits your needs. 

Promote transparency and reliable, continuous communication with your employees through the usage of monitoring technologies to create the ideal hybrid environment that will lead your company towards success and prosperity.

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