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To run a business is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of skills and patience to set up a business. Whether it is a small business or a famed one everything needs an effort to grow. In this article, we are going to learn about the best employee scheduling software that helps managers to manage things and staff easily. Additionally, it is very difficult to manage large companies and firms manually. So people need different software to manage tasks with ease.

Employee scheduling software is a very useful thing to use. It helps the management to create a scheme within no time. They can also switch people if they want to. Additionally, it is helpful in shifts. The corps will appreciate this as well because it is accessible from any device.

List Of Best Employee Scheduling Software

It helps in solving blunders between the managers and workers. Every worker can see the exact same schedule from anywhere. Following are the best employee scheduling software that is easy to access. The software that we are going to discuss is helpful in both small as well as big businesses.

1. Homebase Review: Best For Small Businesses

Homebase Review is a kind of software that is developed for small businesses. It is a flexible software to provide scheduling demands across a wide range of fabrications like beauty, health, and restaurants. More than 1 lac businesses use Homebase.

Homebase best software for small businesses sign up page.

It is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version comes up with advanced features. Additionally, if you need only a scheduling system free version is more than you need. It has an alluring interface that is accessible from anywhere. Both the managers and staff can access this software according to need. It also has a calendar that updates in actual time.

Homebase provides some extra features as follows:

  • Simple Scheduling Templates
  • Ease of sharing plans with your entire team.
  • Forcast of labor costs.
  • The mobile app from which the employees can log in anytime anywhere.
  • Employee availability, approvals, and requests.
  • Reminding of shift timings, and shift trading.
  • You can manage shifts from anywhere.
  • Helpful in the calculation of Shift timings.

Tools like Paychex and other tools are integrated into it as well. To access additional features you need to get a paid subscription that starts from $14 per month and so on as per the location.

2. Sage HR Review: Best For HR solutions

Sage HR is fully a software developed for HR solutions. It helps in managing shifts of the workers. If you want to barbarize its human resources and tasks then this is the best employee scheduling software. Additionally, it helps in improving their planning processes.

Sage HR home page and sign up best software for HR solutions. One of the best employee scheduling apps.

Some additional features that stand out are as follows:

  • Attractive shift planning and simple interface.
  • Suitable for single sites and different locations.
  • Split-able plans with legion shift managers.
  • Hover shift management
  • Daily, monthly, and weekly reports along with complete data exports.

Additionally, you will also be able to use features like leave management, timesheets, hiring, etc. It costs from $8.50 per month also you need to pay extra money for extra segments. This software is also available in a free version with a 14-day free trial.

3. Deputy Review: Best For Time And Attendance Purposes

The Deputy Software is designed for time and attendance purposes. Over 2 lac+ companies trust this software that makes it popular and reliable. Some of the big firms using this software are Nike, Peloton, Hub Spot, and many others. It is quite affordable and easy to use.

You can buy this software starting from $4 per user per month. Furthermore, you can buy these functions separately as well starting from $2.50 per customer.

Deputy software sign up page best employee scheduling software used to manage attendance and time.

This software has some additional features which are as follows:

  • It is easy to fill, helps in staff accessibility and cost.
  • Real-time labor cost and data.
  • Instant schedule sharing with your team.
  • It features AI that enables it to auto-schedule.
  • Management of schedules from anywhere using Android and iOS apps.
  • Automative Wage Circulars.
  • Collection of timesheets and exporting them to wage-roll with a single tap.
  • Also, you can monitor who is on rest, on shift, and latecomers in real-time.

It has a 31-day free trial.

4. Shiftboard Review: Simplest And Best Employee Scheduling Software

Shiftboard software is a good option to use for workers that work on an hourly basis. It is loaded with characteristics with lots of contrasting options. It is software that is used to resolve problems related to scheduling.

This includes some features like compliance, fatigue management, and many other features. It consists of two different scheduling tools- Schedule pro and Schedule flex are two tools that are used by this software.

Shiftboard home page best employee scheduling software used for hour based workers.

Other noticeable features of this software are as follows:

  • Helps to avoid over understanding.
  • Based on staff qualification it sorts out employees.
  • Employees are able to pick extra shifts with approval of a senior or the boss.
  • Actual time communication about schedule updates and more such as information about new shifts.

60,000+ firms rely on this software for employee scheduling. You can request a free trial of this software as well.

5. HotSchedules By Fourth: Best For Restaurants And Hospitality

The HotSchedules software is specially designed for managing employees of restaurants and hospitality firms. It is now a part of Fourth. It is helpful in staff attendance, time management, manager logbooks, HR managing, wage-rolls, and so on.

best online employee scheduling software

There are a number of features that we need to look at and these features are as under:

  • Simple to use tools.
  • off- the shelf Scheduling prototypes.
  • Helps to reduce Under and Over staffing problems.
  • Approval and denial of requests of employees from any device.
  • Consent tools for meals, breaks, and much more.

It must be simple as well as complex depending upon your needs. You can take advantage of employee scheduling and more features that give solutions to specific problems. Additionally, you can use some add-on features to grow your business.

For whatever you choose I still say HotSchedules is the best software you can use if you own a business such as restaurants and other hospitality firms.

Main Features To Look At For Operating Such Employee Scheduling Software

Following are the aspects that I recommend to you and make sure that you keep the following points in your mind while searching for such software:

Location and Quantity Of Peasants

Location and number of workers in a business are quite important. Let us take an example to recognize what is the importance of the location and number of workers in a firm. For example: If you own a Cafe and you have a strength of 10 employees. Conversely, a firm has 500 employees to deal with. It is easy to manage things and communicate with your staff as they are very few employees to tackle but on the other hand, the firm is dealing with 500 employees and it is impossible to listen to each and every employee one by one. So, the firm will face problems if the location of the firm is not at a good place.

Time Tracking Compatibility

Some businesses focus on time tracking functionality. Employees have to enter in and out time. It helps in checking the arrival and departure of a particular employee. Some companies ignore such features and they keep on taking attendance according to shits that is a bit time-consuming.

It helps in tracking the performance of every employee. You don’t have to take attendance manually. Some software has an in-built attendance system.

Malleable Access

Flexible accessibility plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Nowadays everyone needs such type of accessibility which makes it easier for employees to work freely. Several mobile apps are developed to tackle such situations. It is also helpful to convey messages to your team no matter where they are at that point in time.

Ending Thoughts

In the end, I just want to say that if you are planning to start a business then I will recommend you to keep the above-mentioned tools and some essential points to keep in your mind. It will help you grow your business at a steady pace. Nevertheless, if you face any trouble related to this feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comments section below and we will try to help you out with the same.


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