What are gamified learning solutions? What are its examples?

Many students and trainees choose the gamified methods over the traditional learning approach. There is no need to remain stuck in boring...

gamified learning

Many students and trainees choose the gamified methods over the traditional learning approach. There is no need to remain stuck in boring sessions when you can go for interactive learning classes. But do you know what this method of learning is known as?

These are the gamified learning solutions offering several benefits to the students or trainees in effective learning. These solutions are widely used by educational institutes and training organizations for maintaining the quality of learning programs. So today, let us know all about these modern learning methods in detail and we’ll go through what these solutions are, their examples, and their best benefits.

What is a gamified learning solution?

The difficult learning concepts can be made engaging and interactive using gamified learning solutions. It helps students understand the concepts better using puzzles, animated characters, or other characters. Not only this, the educational or training institutes can keep a strict check on the students’ feedback.

Any gamified online learning aims to inspire students for content engagement. Technical training like safety training, coding, and other compliance training are best managed using these gamification techniques.

Examples of gamified learning solutions

Some of the popular examples of gamified online learning solutions are:

  1. Rewards

Educational institutes can offer different rewards like gift cards, coupons, and discounts. This helps keep students engaged and provides the necessary motivation.

  1. Education

It is easy to add quizzes, tricks, and tips in the learning modules for a better understanding of the technical concepts.

  1. Community

It is easy for businesses to divide students into different segments. These communities then perform different tasks, achieve objectives, and solve different problems.

  1. Status

Students can increase their status on the e-learning like ranks or levels by completing certain activities. The leaderboards offer the detailed status of the winning students which offers the necessary motivation.

  1. Goals

The students are motivated to complete the task and get a reward. These goal-completion rewards can be points or badges.

Methods to include gamified online learning

Are you looking to include gamified solutions in your e-learning program? Below are some of the easiest yet most effective methods:

  1. Competition

The leaderboards in the gamified learning solutions include healthy competition in e-learning. Hence, trainers can rate the performance of the students and motivate them to compete with their peers.

  1. Badge earning

It is easy to leverage the benefits of accomplishment recognition and reward. The students or trainees can earn badges based on their performance in the e-learning courses. This helps create confidence in students while motivating them to earn more badges.

Advantages of gamified online learning

After going through the top methods to add gamification in e-learning, below are some of its popular advantages:

  1. Fast and improved learning

The improved learning process and positive user experience fasten the overall progress of the modules. It is easy for the students or trainees to deal with complex training programs and learn quickly without compromising the content quality of gamified online learning. It works better for beginners to learn difficult skills using gamified learning techniques.

  1. Enhanced user experience

The overall experience of the e-learning program defines the engagement and overall success of the program. It is easy for educational institutes and training programs to increase their user experience with gamified online learning solutions.

  1. Increases motivation

Online learning solutions have a common yet main problem of managing students’ motivation levels. Modern approaches like leaderboards and badge rewards motivate students to learn better and faster. Students or trainees can learn better, quickly, and easily using increased motivation.

  1. Including fun in the learning

It is difficult for training organizations and educational institutes to manage fun in technical courses. The scenario-based learning solutions try to make difficult skills learning as fun as possible. Hence the overall learning can spice up with the additional activities of the learning modules. Further, the learning programs are divided into small yet enjoyable bits.

  1. Makes learning less-intimidating

Imparting skills on difficult topics is not easy for trainers. Hence, many corporate trainers and academic teachers take help of the gamified online learning techniques. It works best for beginners in training who’re intimidated by difficult learning concepts. The game-like elements like puzzles and animated characters help students relax throughout the module. Relaxed and confident students can learn better.

Key Takeaways

Hope everything is clear to our readers about the gamified learning solutions. It is the incorporation of game-like characters and elements in the learning modules. The different examples include rewards, education, community, status, and goals. It is easy for learning organizations to use different methods to include these techniques in e-learning modules. Not to miss are its top benefits.

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