The Great Controversy: Why Do Students Buy Papers Online?

Why Do Students Buy Papers Online

As soon as students get down to their academic studies, the pressure starts piling. Life in college is no longer as rosy as they envisioned. As the assignments get more stringent, it’s possible for students to lose control. That’s why some of them opt for academic writing sites.

You’d think that only the below-average students opt for soliciting outsider services, but you would be surprised. All types of students order academic papers. So why do students order assignments online? Let’s find out.

One of the most critical aspects of a solid liberal arts education is academic writing. The ability to craft a perfect essay is thought to be the epitome of scholarly excellence. If a student is a poor writer by graduation, they aren’t considered to be good students. The importance that writing gets in the curriculum makes universities to bombard students with essay writing assignments. With this pile on the pressure, the students have found a way to get around the problem by buying papers online.

  • Too Much Work

Sometimes the students have too much work and don’t have the time to handle the extra tasks they have. It’s not that they are lazy, but if a student hopes to graduate from some of these colleges today, they have to depend on “unorthodox” methods to deal with the hurdles imposed by the university professors.

  • Complexity

Sometimes the assignment’s requirements are so hard making it difficult for the students to comprehend the real subject matter. Some of the non-native English speakers who find it hard to cope up with the level of English demanded by the assignment opt to outsource since it appears smooth and cheap. This relative burden lift motivates students to buy papers whether one time gigs or successive tests. Although there are many online tools to write perfectly.

  • Time Constraints

Custom writing services come in handy especially for people with a tight schedule. These include people with part-time jobs, international students, older students with families and people with personal struggles they need to address. Such time constraints have sky-rocketed the need for buying papers online with the students trying to find a way of coping with the stress and emotional turmoil.

  • Quality of Papers

Though there’s a moral argument encircling the academic writing business, there are some students who argue that the quality of papers bought from the writing sites is top notch and thoroughly researched. Some students feel like they cannot produce this quality of well-referenced work and thus opt for the alternate route. They can use these papers as sources for other papers or even submit them for their research.

  • Curriculum Flaws

This mostly occurs in the STEM field. Imagine for instance that you are an undergrad in engineering required to write a 5000 word paper on Hemingway for English 101. Would you take this task seriously? You probably won’t, but if you don’t submit the essay on time, you risk entirely ruining your GPA. When the students feel like the assignment is irrelevant to the course, they tend to hire others to do the task for them.

  • Easy access

Buying essays are easy, cheap and fast if you contact a professional custom writing service. The student can either hire a freelancer to write the entire article for them or provide a draft of the piece for perfection in grammar and style. A student can get an excellent essay under 24 hours.

Are Essay Writing Services Bad?

This is the Moral dilemma facing the academic fraternity. Academic essay writing services can bring some problems into the classroom. This is because the students’ will present other people’s work as their own. Sometimes the people they hire can barely write better than them. The abilities of the freelancers vary.

This, however, doesn’t call for a ban on academic writing tools. The students will get a way around it. Banning the services will merely overlook the real problem at hand; students that can’t or don’t want to write.

It’s therefore essential to consider what makes the modern education curriculum so taxing on the students. What’s it about the syllabus that makes the students pay anonymous people to get their work done on the web?

Accomplished academics are measured by their writing both qualitatively and quantitatively. A poorly researched paper barely receives a second glance. Good writing is essential in some fields like language, but it’s important to note some fields like engineering don’t need to write the history of folk like Nabokov to advance in the area.

The professors should reconsider the amount of copy they impose on their students. However, the importance of writing should be emphasized on the students especially the STEM students who think writing isn’t necessary. If a student isn’t that good in writing, they should be given extra time to clear their tasks and little additional assistance.

When educators tackle what causes students to opt for academic writing services, the services may no longer be sought after by students.

Writing is a critical skill especially for those now entering the workforce regardless of being an employer or business owner. Our education strives to equip students with communicative skills through writing assignments. Students deprive themselves of the opportunity to improve on their skills by outsourcing.

Even if a student outsources the work, they should make an effort to apply themselves to the task after outsourcing. One should also ensure to outsource from a merchant that sells well-researched plagiarism free papers. There are a lot of reputable sites one can buy well-researched assignments from – for example, – custom paper writing service with a huge team of highly qualified academic experts. They have provided them as an example to show you how a professional helper looks like – they tailor papers to your personal needs, guarantee your success, and they are always ready to assist you.

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