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The best Grammar checker tool I have used

Are you looking for a grammar checker tool which is good and affordable? Is your grammar not that good? You make a...

best Grammar checker tool

Are you looking for a grammar checker tool which is good and affordable?

Is your grammar not that good?

You make a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing content for your website or blog.

I know that many new bloggers face this problem, every newbie whether he or she is a native English writer makes some mistakes.

And when I started blogging I use to make many mistakes although, even now I make mistakes while writing content for my blog.

But there is a tool which is helping me to overcome those mistakes. And I consider that tool one of the best grammar checker tool. There may be many online grammar checking tools and even some awesome proofreading tools but I think that Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool I have used until today.

Why do I think that Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool?

I started my Blog in 2015, in the month of October. And one of my friends referred me to Grammarly to avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in 2016, January. And believe me, from that day, this grammar checker tool has helped me to grow quickly, I was able to rank on the Google SERPs within days. Even one of my blog subscribers asked me many questions and I wrote a post for him which was “How I grew my blog in six months“. There are many other Grammar checking tools but no other tool has worked liked Grammarly has worked for me.

There are many other reasons for why I think that Grammarly is the best Grammar checker tool like:

  1. Avoid grammatical mistakes
  2. Checks the spelling errors
  3. Is the best Proofreading tool
  4. Gives the option of synonyms (while proofreading)
  5. Let us know if the Sentences are in the passive voice

Besides the above-mentioned things, there are many other things and I would request you to give it a try and know why it is the best grammar checker tool.

Try Grammarly Premium for a week for free

Why should you give it a try?

Grammarly is totally free. But if you want to access their pro features then there is a little fee which you should pay. The amount for making the Grammarly premium account is really affordable and many of the entrepreneurs and bloggers are taking the help of Grammarly to write grammatically perfect content for their blogs and are ranking on the first page of Google.

On signing up with Grammarly every new visitor gets the premium version of Grammarly for a week, which helps the users to understand should they use the pro features or the free features.

Try Grammarly Premium for a week for free

Final words

I have also written a review about Grammarly which I consider is the world’s best grammar checker tool. Using it yourself will help you to know how good this tool is and why you should continue to use it.

And if you are already a Grammarly user then I would love to know in the comments that is it really the best grammar checker tool for you or is there any other tool that can compete with it.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

14 Replies to “The best Grammar checker tool I have used”

  1. Hi Robin,
    Great article you have here. When I saw the title, I was like, ho doesn’t want a clear cut writing that everyone will live to read?
    And the fact that you singled out grammarly, I’m pleased because I have used this tools for more than I can remember. Grammarly not only check for grammar errors, but also spelling and vocabulary errors. It is indeed a remarkable tools for all bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. grammarly is the best plugin for grammar checking when I was a beginner in blogger I had no knowledge about proper grammar, and that was my big mistake ever.

  3. my grammar is weak so I find that’s a type of tool. thanks for Sharing this tool. I like this and discuss with my Friends.

  4. Hello Robin,
    Excellent post. I am also using Grammarly to proofread my articles and you know an article which is free of grammatical errors perform well in search engines and also help to get quality visitors to your blog. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  5. Hi, This is a nice important Blog.You are a good Article Writer.This article is the most important for me good work keep writing.

  6. I dig the review Robin. Having tools can give you confidence and clarity in your writing, especially if English is not your native tongue. Use all these tricks in the book, I say, to become a more bold blogger.


  7. Hey Robin!

    I love the Grammarly Tool!

    I started using it about a year ago. It has helped me improve my grammar and vocabulary.

    It also helps me save a lot of time when writing. I don’t make any mistakes when I use the tool because it tells me right away what I’ve typed wrong.

    The feature I really like is the monthly statistics they send you where you see how many words you have typed for the month and how much you have improved.

    I’d highly recommend using Grammarly!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

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